Family ID  461


Status  Valid
Common Name  hatchet fishes
Class  Actinopterygii
Order  Stomiiformes
Sub Order  ---
Infra Order  ---
Super Family  ---
Nelson#  168
is Fresh  N
is Brack  N
is Salt  Y
Sort  1710
Author  Duméril
FamilyAuthor  Gill
Family Author Date  Gill 1863
Year  1806
Author with Initials  Gill [T. N.]
Family Description  Body elongate, greatest depth 3.2-7.7 in standart length; body compressed laterally (not extremely); dorsal blade and postabdominal (iliac) spines absent; abdominal keel absent or faintly developed; anal fin rays 19-38. Subfamily includes 30 species and 7 genera.
Author Notes  Professor Theodore Nicholas Gill 1837-1914 (Master of Arts, Honorary Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Philsophy & Doctor of Laws

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