Genus ID  1557


Class  Actinopterygii
Order  Scorpaeniformes
Family  Triglidae
Subfamily  ---
Tribe  ---
Author  Pennant [T.]
Qualification  ---
Year  1769
Genus Notes 
Status  Not available
is Brack  N
is Fresh  N
is Salt  N
Genus Original  Cuculus
Orig Qualification  ---
Original Year  1769
Type Species  Cuculus lineatus
Auth Type Species  Pennant
Type Spec Qualifn  ---
Gender  ---
Type Species Year  1769
TypeSp Auth Note  ---
Type Designation  Type by monotypy
Type Desig Note  ---
Sen Obj Synonym  ---
Comments  ---
Cas Notes  ---
Current Family  ---
Current Genus  ---
Author Current  ---
Currr Qualification  ---
Current Year  ---
Name History  lineatus, Cuculus Pennant [T.] 1769:237 [British zoology. 4 volumes v. 3; ref. 18527] Cornwall, England. No types known. See account of Trigla lastoviza. •Treated as a synonym of Trigloporus lastoviza (Pennant 1769 = Bonnaterre 1788) -- (Blanc & Hureau 1973:590 [ref. 7218]). Current status: Synonym of Trigloporus lastoviza (Bonnaterre 1788). Triglidae. Habitat: marine. Not available, pre occupied by Cuculus in family Cuculidae (Cuckoo) added by DAP to tie in with 'Genus Species' combinations where the Genus did not exist in Catalog of Fishes DataBase
Current Summary  Not available; genus data inherited from species *Cuculus lineatus* data.
is Excl  N
Author  Pennant
Gen_ Link  88889
Cas Ref No  18527
Available  ---
List  -
Entered  ---
Date Entered 
Checked  ---
Date Checked 
sti  na
Original Genus  Cuculus
2012 04 24 - 14:16

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