Genus ID  7793


Class  Actinopterygii
Order  Scorpaeniformes
Family  Liparidae
Subfamily  ---
Tribe  ---
Author  Gill [T. N.]
Qualification  ---
Year  1884
Genus Notes 
Status  Synonym
is Brack  N
is Fresh  N
is Salt  Y
Genus Original  Lycocara
Orig Qualification  ---
Original Year  1884
Type Species  Ophidium parrii
Auth Type Species  Ross
Type Spec Qualifn  ---
Gender  neuter
Type Species Year  1826
TypeSp Auth Note  ---
Type Designation  Type by being a replacement name
Type Desig Note  ---
Sen Obj Synonym  ---
Comments  Replacement for Uronectes  G√ľnther 1862, preoccupied by Uronectes  Brown 1850 in Crustacea. Correct spelling for genus of type species is Ophidion  .
Cas Notes  Orig. checked by WNE, 20 Feb. 1987.
Current Family  Liparidae
Current Genus  Liparis
Author Current  Scopoli
Currr Qualification  (ex Artedi)
Current Year  1777
Name History  • Synonym of Liparis  Scopoli 1777 -- (Andriashev & McAllister 1978 [ref. 6988] and not a zoarcid, Chernova et al. 2004:20 [ref. 27592]). • Synonym of Liparis  Scopoli 1777, but a valid subgenus Lycocara  -- (Chernova 2008:847 [ref. 30236]).
Current Summary  Liparis Scopoli 1777. Liparidae.
is Excl  N
Author  Gill
Gen_ Link  4217
Cas Ref No  1725
Available  True
List  1
Entered  ---
Date Entered 
Checked  ---
Date Checked 
sti  sy
Original Genus  Lycocara
2016 02 16 - 17:26
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