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Synonym of Carassius auratus  (Linnaeus 1758). Cyprinidae: Cyprininae. Cyprinus abbreviatus
Synonym of Gibelion catla  (Hamilton 1822). Cyprinidae: Labeoninae. Cyprinus abramioides
In family Cyprinidae Cyprinus abramorutilus
Synonym of Labeo bata  (Hamilton 1822). Cyprinidae: Labeoninae. Cyprinus acra
Synonym of Carassioides acuminatus  (Richardson 1846). Cyprinidae: Cyprininae. Cyprinus acuminatus
Synonym of Cyprinus carpio  Linnaeus 1758. Cyprinidae: Cyprininae. Cyprinus acuminatus
Valid as Cyprinus acutidorsalis  Wang 1979. Cyprinidae: Cyprininae. Cyprinus acutidorsalis
Synonym of Labeobarbus aeneus  (Burchell 1822). Cyprinidae: Cyprininae. Cyprinus aeneus
Synonym of Alosa agone  (Scopoli 1786). Clupeidae. Cyprinus agone
Synonym of Alburnus arborella  (Bonaparte 1841). Cyprinidae: Leuciscinae. Cyprinus albor
Synonym of Squalius cephalus  (Linnaeus 1758). Cyprinidae: Leuciscinae. Cyprinus albula
Synonym of Alburnus alburnus  (Linnaeus 1758). Cyprinidae: Leuciscinae. Cyprinus alburnus
In family Cyprinidae Cyprinus alter
Synonym of Rhodeus amarus  (Bloch 1782). Cyprinidae: Acheilognathinae. Cyprinus amarus
Synonym of Carassius gibelio  (Bloch 1782). Cyprinidae: Cyprininae. Cyprinus amarus
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