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Synonym of Halichoeres adustus  (Gilbert 1890). Labridae. Pseudojulis adustus
Synonym of Pseudojuloides argyreogaster  (Günther 1867). Labridae. Pseudojulis argyreogaster
Synonym of Pseudojuloides cerasinus  (Snyder 1904). Labridae. Pseudojulis cerasina
Synonym of Sagittalarva inornatus  (Gilbert 1890). Labridae. Pseudojulis inornatus
Synonym of Ophthalmolepis lineolata  (Valenciennes 1839). Labridae. Pseudojulis lineata
Synonym of Halichoeres nebulosus  (Valenciennes 1839). Labridae. Pseudojulis maculifer
Synonym of Halichoeres melanotis  (Gilbert 1890). Labridae. Pseudojulis melanotis
Synonym of Halichoeres miniatus  (Valenciennes 1839). Labridae. Pseudojulis murrayensis
Synonym of Halichoeres notospilus  (Günther 1864). Labridae. Pseudojulis notospilus
Synonym of Thalassoma amblycephalum  (Bleeker 1856). Labridae. Pseudojulis trifasciatus
Synonym of Halichoeres semicinctus  (Ayres 1859). Labridae. Pseudojulis venustus
Synonym of Halichoeres scapularis  (Bennett 1832). Labridae. Pseudojulis ziczac
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