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 My Filter Builder: Helpful hints

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Use My Filter Builder to group or find pictures.

Set up the Criteria and Click on 'Apply' to view results.

Scroll down for

Tips and Examples

  • The red "And" at the top LHS corner indicates that critera created in the group of conditions below will all be "And" conditions.
    Tip: Imagine an "And" at the end of each condition created within the group and ignore the "And" which is on its own line at the top of the conditions.
    Example: In the "Family Contains" line type in Serranidae and click on the "Apply" button.
    You should get about 2118 pictures returned. These are all pictures of species in the family Serranidae.
    Look at the line where you have just typed in Serranidae and imagine it reading > "Family Contains Serranidae" "And".
    If you follow this concept, you will be able to understand how to create complex filters.
    If additional conditions are now added they will be "And" conditions.
    You can now add another condition to the filter > In the "Photographer / Artist Contains" line type in Randall and click on the "Apply" button.
    You will now get about 713 pictures of species in the Family Serranidae taken by Randall.
    Now you can ask for pictures from Australia. In the "Location Contains" line type in Australia and click on the "Apply" button.
    You should now get about 46 pictures of species in the Family Serranidae taken by Randall in Australia.
    This makes perfect sense, you have now got Pictures of species in the family Serranidae "And" from Australia "And" taken by Randall.

  • Once the filter has been created, the Filter criteria are displayed in the darker grey box below the Filter Builder. Study these from time to time and you will get to know how the filter has been built up. This is particularly useful for checking why you are not getting the results you expected.

  • Generally most Filters will only be created using the "And" conditon.

  • Sometimes it becomes necessary to create more complex filters using the "Or" condition.
    Let us assume that you want to see pictures taken of species in the family Serranidae by Randall and Winterbottom. Although I have used the word "and" in the above sentence the computer logic is very precise and does not accept that a picture can be taken by Randall "And" by Winterbottom. A Picture can only have been taken by Randall "Or" by Winterbottom and not by both of them. For this type of situation, the computer needs you to use the "Or" option.
    In the Line "Family Contains " type in Serranidae and Click on Apply. About 2118 pictures should now be displayed.

    For this example, to simplify the Filter just click on the small "x" at the end of all lines except for the Family line.
    Clicking on the small "x" removes the line it is on. You will now only have one line which reads: "Family Contains Serranidae". This should be read as: "Family Contains Serranidae" "And".

    To include the Photographers Randall and Winterbottom we need to add a new Group.
    Click on the "And", Select and click on "Add Group". A new group is added. Click on the new "And", select and click on "Or". The new group has: "Genus Species Begins with ". Click on Genus Species, Select and Click on "Photographer / Artist" and you will get "Photographer / Artist Begins with ". "Begins with", is a very bad choice when working with Photographers and Locations. The Photographer may be "Jack Randall" and this obviously begins with Jack and doesn't begin with Randall. Change the "Begins with" condition to "Contains". Click on "Begins with", select and Click on "Contains" and type in Randall. If you now click on Apply you get 713 pictures but the important part is to check the Filter Text - My Filter: (Contains([Family_Family], 'Serranidae')) AND ((Contains([Photographer_DisplayName], 'Randall')). Now add another condition. Click on the small "+" for the new group and a new condition is added. Change this to "Photographer / Artist Contains" Winterb. You will now have about 901 pictures taken by Randall or Winterbottom of species in the family Serranidae.

    You have just completed your first complex filter.
    Now check the Filter Text -

    My Filter: (Starts with([Family_Family], 'Serranidae')) AND ((Contains([Photographer_DisplayName], 'Randall')) OR ((Contains([Photographer_DisplayName], 'Winterb'))

    You can now add a third Photographer "Polack" and there should be about 1401 pictures and your "My Filter Builder" should look something like:
My Filter Builder There can be two separate parts making up the final Filter criteria. These are "Page Filter" and "My Filter".

We have already had a quick look at "My Filter" and will now look at the "Page Filter"

The “Page Filter” is created when pictures are displayed after using the “Quick Search” feature or after a picture or pictures are displayed by using any other method other than the “Browse Pictures” option.

  • Example:
  • Go to "Quick Search" (If you are not on the "Quick Search" page, just click on the FishwisePro logo).

We will now display all the pictures of species in a particular family. For this example we will use the family Lutjanidae. Go to the "Family" box. The default is "Family Begins with" so type in "Lu" and press "Enter" or click on the "Search" button.
The Search gives us 3 families whose names begin with "Lu" namely Luciocephalidae, Lutjanidae and Luvaridae. Click on the family Lutjanidae to "Activate" it. You now get a host of "Interform Navigation" options which allow you to choose what you want to do next. Click on the "Picture" option to display all the pictures of the species in the family Lutjanidae. About 689 pictures should now be displayed.
In doing the above, you have just created your first "Page Filter". At the bottom of the Filter Box on the RHS you will see "Page Filter: (Picture.Fid = 274)". Fid is the computers Family ID Number. In this case the Fid = 274 which is the Family Id number for the family Lutjanidae.
If you now add further filtering using "My Filter Builder", the resulting filter will ensure that only "Lutjanidae" pictures are displayed. The "Page Filter" has overall control of any further filtering.
Now add some additional filter conditions using "My Filter Builder".
We would like to compare the pictures of 2 different species Lutjanus kasmira and Lutjanus notatus.
Although I have used the word "and" in the above sentence the computer logic is very precise and does not accept that a picture can be of L. kasmira AND of L. notatus. It can only be a picture of one of these, either L. kasmira OR L. notatus. For this example the computer needs you to use the OR option.
Click on the "And", select and click on "Or". You have now selected the "Or" Condition. In My Filter Builder find "Genus Species Contains" and enter Lutjanus kasmira and click on "Apply Filter". TIP You can save a lot of typing by Copying Lutjanus kasmira from this text and Pasting it into the Genus Species filter box.
You should now get 44 pictures of Lutjanus kasmira. You must now include the pictures of Lutjanus notatus.
The "Genus Species Contains" option has already been used. We need another one. Click on the green "+" next to the red "Or" and another Genus Species option is added to the bottom of the list. At this stage you will probably think that the computer has read your mind, (you wanted another "Genus Species" and it gave you another "Genus Species" - WOW), - Relax, Clicking on the green "+" will always add "Genus Species" because it is the first option in the list. If you want a different option just click on the newly added "Genus Species" and you can now select the option you require.
In fact you could have just changed the second option "Life Stage" into the additional "Genus Species" which you needed.
Now do it this way. Click on "Life Stage" select "Genus Species", type in or paste in Lutjanus notatus and click on the "Apply" button.
You should now have about 47 pictures of the 2 species.
If required You can now add more species to the filter in the same way. Try to now add Lutjanus quinquelineatus After deleting the unused conditions, "My Filter Builder should look something like this: My Filter Builder  
My Filter:
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Ctenolabrus rupestris
Aquarium Kiel
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Ctenolabrus rupestris
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D. Luquet
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Ctenolabrus rupestris
T. Østergaard
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