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How many valid species are in a particular family ?

How many valid species are in a particular family ? - Example: Gobiidae.

On the Menu, hover your mouse over "Data", Select and Click on "Species".
After loading, the "Species List" will display about 98 000 records.

We will first use a filter to only show the Valid species names.
Click on the Blue Valid Filter icon
  which is located above the  Indicator icons.
Only Valid Names are now displayed. You should get about 34 300 Valid species.

We now need to add the condition that only species belonging to the family Gobiidae will be displayed.

To do this we use the "Filter Builder" as shown below.

After Clicking on the "Key Icon" you get the "Filter Builder" interface as shown below

After Clicking on the "+" icon we get

After Clicking on Species we get 

After Clicking on "Family" we get

Clicking on "Begins with" gives the following

Clicking on "Equals" gives us:

We now have:

After entering "Gobiidae" and clicking "OK" we get 1800 valid species names in the family "Gobiidae" as shown below:

The task is complete but there are a few additional points of interest.

1) Analyse the "Filter Text"  -  (This is particularly important if unexpected results are obtained)
    a. isAvailable = True.       -  (By default only available names are listed.)
    b. Species Status is Valid
    c. Family = Gobiidae

2). Untick the "Filter control box" to switch off the filter. Note that the filter text is displayed in red when the filter is not active.

3) Tick the "Filter control box" to switch the filter back on.

4). Remember that you can sort columns by clicking on the column heading.

5). At this stage you can remove the Valid portion of the filter by clicking on the blue down arrow "valid filter icon" you should get about 4500 species in Family Gobiidae.

6). You can also click on the red down arrow filter icon to see how many of the species in the Family Gobiidae have pictures. There are only 526 gobiid species with pictures.

7). You can add and remove and modify the filter conditions to obtain the information you require.

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