How many species are in a particular genus ?

Example: Acanthurus.

The easiest and quickest way of finding the number of species in a genus is to use the "Quick Search" feature.
In this example we will use the genus Acanthurus.

Type in Acanthurus  into the Genus box of "Quick Search" as shown below:
Because the genus filter states "begins with", you could just type in "Acanth" but you would then get more than 70 records all starting with "Acanth")

After Clicking on Search we get Acanthurus in the "Genus List". - see below:
Click on the required record (In this case there is only one) - Click on the Acanthurus record.
This opens the "Interform Navigation" page as shown below:

Displayed in the orange box, we have the pages that we can now navigate to.
We want the species of the genus Acanthurus - Click on "Species".
The "Species List" displays about 179 species belonging to the genus "Acanthurus".
To show only Valid species Click on the "Valid Filter Icon" as shown below.

Clicking on the "Valid Filter Icon"  displays only Valid names as shown below get:

The counter at the bottom and top of the page shows that there are 40 valid species in the genus Acanthurus

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