I know the common name, how do I find the scientific name and then view pictures ?

On the Menu hover the cursor over Data and Click on Common Names. In this example we will use the common name Coral Rockcod and the Place where the common name is used as Seychelles.

In the Common Name List enter Coral Rockcod  into the white box below the heading Common Name and Press "Enter". Check in the column Place and find Seychelles.
The scientific name is displayed in blue and in this case is
Cephalopholis miniata.

If you now click on the red "P" (Picture) indicator button you will see about 44 pictures of the species Cephalopholis miniata.

 Note: In some cases a common name can be used for a large number of species having different scientific names.
           If you type in "Makaira nigricans" into the Genus Species box and press Enter you will see that there are  
           many different common name for this species.
           In some cases there can be several hundred common names for one species. This is why it is so important
           to use scientific names 
which are consistent everywhere.


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