How many Eponyms has a particular author been the recipient of ?

How many Eponyms has a particular author been the recipient of ? - Example: Jack Randall

In this example, we want to find out how many Eponyms Jack Randall was the recipient of.
This means we want to know how times his name (generally surname but not always) was used in the naming of a new taxa when it was described. We will need to see how many taxa include the word "randall"

On the main Menu, hover your Mouse over "Data".
Select and Click on Species.
A "Species List" is displayed.
Enter "randall" into the "Species" filter box and press Enter.
After Loading, you will see that about 66 records are displayed.
We are however only interested in the Original Names and must apply a filter to only show the Original Names.
The green indicator icon on the left hand side of the page indicates which records are "Original Names". We can now count all the records with a green icon and we will then have an accurate number of species names which contain "randall". Alternatively you can just click on the green "Original Name" Filter Icon  to show only the "Original Names" When you do this, you will get about 55 original names that contain "randall".

The green icon now gets a dark brown border
 indicating that it is active.

This is not always an accurate and reliable method of obtaining the number of Eponyms for a particular author as it is possible that the taxa was named for one or more other authors also having the same surname or having a first name which is also the same. You will have to use your own discretion in deciding which taxa names were created honouring a particular author. In the case of Jack Randall there are only 3 Randalls occurring in this database, Randall [H. A.] (his wife Helen) and Randall [Z. S.]. Checking the number of species described by these 3 authors, we see that Randall [J. E.] = 959, Randall [H. S.] = 8 and Randall [Z. S.] = 2. It is obvious that Jack Randall was far more involved in describing species and it is highly likely all 55 are Eponyms acknowlegding Jack Randall's contributions. Close inspection of the 55 records shows that the species name for 54 of them is 'randalli'
and one is 'randallorum'. The "i" at the end of 'randalli' indicates masculine while the "orum" indicates a male female combination such as husband and wife.


JLB Smith was one of the authors involved in describing 398 new species.

The Clear Filter icon  is now displayed to the left of the round filter icons   Clicking on this icon will clear all "Ball" filters which are active.

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