How many valid species are in a particular order ?

Example: Perciformes.

On the Menu, hover your mouse over "Data", Select and Click on "Species". 
After loading, the "Species List" will display about 98 000 records.

We will first use a filter to only show the Valid species names.
Click on the Blue Valid Filter icon
   which is located above the  Indicator icons. 
Only Valid Names are now displayed. You should get about 34 300 Valid species.

We now need to add the condition that only species belonging to the order Perciformes will be displayed.

To do this we use the "Filter Builder" as shown below.

After Clicking on the "Key Icon" you get the "Filter Builder" interface as shown below

After Clicking on the "+" icon we get

After Clicking on Species a list of options is displayed as shown below:

Click OK -
All valid species belonging to order Perciformes will be displayed.

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