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How can I list Authors by the number of Species described ?

On the Menu, hover your mouse over "Data", Select and Click on "Individuals".  After "loading" a list of about 10 000 Individual Authors is displayed. Click on the column heading "Species Described" to sort this column. This column can be sorted by ascending (0 - 9) or descending values (9 - 0). If it is sorted by ascending values, Click on the heading again to change the sort method.
You will now get a list of Authors sorted by the number of species described as shown below:


The top ten authors sorted by species described, are listed below:

1932  Bleeker
1848  Valenciennes
1634  Günther
1445  Fowler
1350  Jordan
1137  Boulenger
1072  Cuvier
1034  Steindachner
  934  Regan
  826  Randall

You can also search for a name and see immediately how many species were described by that author.

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