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How can I display all the pictures of species in a particular family taken by a particular photographer ?

How can I display all the pictures of species in the family Serranidae taken by Jack Randall ?
On the Main Menu, hover over "Pictures" and select and Click on "Browse Pictures"
The Pictures page opens and displays all pictures in the data base.
Click on "My Filter Builder" which is positioned just below the heading
Enter Serranidae into the "Family" - "Begins with" section.
After entering the family name the criteria should appear as shown below:
Family Begins with Serranidae  
Click on the button Apply
If everything has been done correctly you should now see all the pictures of species in the family Serranidae.
(Clicking on Begins with allows you to select other criteria such as Equals

Now enter Randall into "My Filter Builder" as shown below
Photographer / Artist Contains Randall and Click on the button Apply.

You will now see all the pictures of species in the family Serranidae taken by Jack Randall.

Having now seen "My Filter Builder" in action using a very basic filter, you will have an idea of the power of this feature.
Scroll down Tips and Examples to see how to build both simple and complex filters.   

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