How many species were described in a particular year ?

How can I find out how many species were described in particular year ? - Example: 2015

On the main Menu, hover your Mouse over "Data".
Select and Click on Species.
A "Species List" is displayed.
This list shows all the available species name combinations.
We must only look at "Original Names". The green icon
on the left hand side of the page indicates which records are "Original Names". Click on the green "Original Name" Filter Icon  to show only the "Original Names".
When you do this, you will get a list of just over 59 000 original species names.
The green Filter Icon gets a dark brown border 
indicating that it is active.

The Clear Filter icon  is now displayed to the left of the round filter icons   Clicking on this icon will clear any "Ball" filters which are active.
To find out how many of the species were described in 2015 you must use the
"Filter Builder".
The "Filter Builder"is located at the bottom left side of the "Species List" as shown below.

The Filter Builder shows that only Available and Original names are being displayed.
To use the Filter Builder click on the small "key" Icon.
The Filter Builder opens as shown below:

To add and additional condition, Click on the small "+" Icon
A new condition "Species Begins with <enter a value" is added.

To change this condition Click on "Species" and select "Original Year" from the Drop Down List as shown below:

Click on "Begins with", select and click on the option "Equals"
Now enter the value 2015 into the <enter a value> section as shown below:

Click on the "OK" button

The new filter is now activated and only Available and Original Name Combinations
which were described in the year 2015 are displayed as shown below.

You can now see that 424 new species were described in 2015.



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