How can I show all the pictures that were taken by a particular photographer ?

Example: Find all the pictures taken by Richard Winterbottom also known as Rick Winterbottom.

Go to Home Page. On Main Menu, select and click on Pictures.

Now Click on "My Filter Builder"

A Drop Down List is displayed.

You can now Select the option "Photographer / Artist Contains" and type in any part of the Photographers Name
that will that will identify that Photographer into the <enter value> section.

In this example we are looking for pictures taken by Richard Winterbottom also known as Rick Winterbottom.
We do not know whether the pictures are registered under Richard or Rick so it is best to enter Winterbottom.

Enter Winterbottom as shown below:

Click on Apply Filter.

All pictures taken by photographers that have Winterbottom in their name will now be displayed.

Over 2700 pictures are displayed and we can see that the pictures were registered under the name
Rick Winterbottom and not Richard Winterbottom.
To exclude any other photographers that may the same surname, we can now change the criteria text in the option "Photographer / Artist Contains"
from "Photographer / Artist Contains" Winterbottom to "Photographer / Artist Contains" Rick Winterbottom and Click on Apply Filter.
Now we can be sure that only pictures taken by Rick Winterbottom.
This is particularly important if a name like Smith is involved where we could have many photographers having the surname Smith.

For this whole process the user could also use the Photographer FirstName and Photographer SurName.

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