How many original valid names have been changed ?

How many original valid species names have been changed.

It is very simple and quick to determine how many valid species names have changed.

The approach we will take is to show all the Valid names and then remove all the records which are Original Names.
Or in other words now show all Linked names.

1). On the Menu Click on Data. This will give you several Options.

2) Select and Click on Species. - This will list all the available species names.

3) Now Click on the blue Valid species Filter button 

4) All the valid species names will now be displayed.

5). Now Click on the orange linked Filter button

6). The number of Valid species names which have changed is now shown by the record counters at the top and bottom of page - 17080

7). This figure will not remain constant because new species are continually being described. On average, 406 new species were
      described each year over the 20 years from 2001 to 2020.

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