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Why are less than 106 000 species displayed in the Species List ?

The Species List only displays the Available Names when it initially opens. You will see that the Column Filter box below the heading "isAvailable" is set to True.
To show all records, delete the text "True" in the filter box and leave it blank and then press "Enter". This resets the filter and all records will be displayed.
If you only want to see the "Non-Available" records type in "False" and then press "Enter" to activate this filter. Only "Non-Available" records will now be displayed.

You can also use the "Page Filter Toggle Switch"
    located at the bottom left hand side of the page to toggle all the filters "On" or "Off".
Tick the box to Activate the filters and untick the box to De-Activate the filters. (Note, ALL set filters will be activated or deactivated when toggling this box).
When you deactivate the filters by un-ticking the box, the Filter Text continues to be displayed but is now shown in red to advise you that there are no active filters working.
When the box is again ticked the filters are all activated and the Filter Text colour goes back to blue.

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