How can I find out how many species were described by a particular Author ?

Example: How can I find out how many species were described by J L B Smith.

On the main Menu, hover your Mouse over "Data".
Select and Click on Species.
A "Species List" is displayed.
Enter "Smith" into the "Authorship" filter box.
You will see that there many authors with the surname Smith.
Find the Smith that you are interested in and note the exact format of the displayed initials.
In this case the initials are [J. L. B.]. 
Enter Smith [J. L. B.] into the "Authorship" filter box.
The square brackets and format must always be exactly the same as was displayed.
ress Enter.
You should get about 680 records all showing Smith 
[J. L. B.] as the author or as one of the authors. This shows all the species where Smith [J. L. B.] is mentioned as an author. This list includes all the Original names and all the names associated to the Original names but does not tell us how many species were described by him.
To get the correct number we must only look at "Original Names". The green icon
on the left hand side of the page indicates which Name combinations are "Original Names". We can now count all the records with a green icon and we will then have an accurate number of species described by JLB Smith. If you find the counting of the "Original Names" tedious, you can just click on the green "Original Name" Filter Icon  to show only the "Original Names" When you do this, you will get about 398 original species names.
The green Filter Icon now gets a dark brown border 
 indicating that it is active.

JLB Smith was one of the authors involved in describing 398 new species.

The Clear Filter icon  is now displayed to the left of the round filter icons   Clicking on this
icon will clear all "Ball" filters which are active.
To find out how many of the species described by JLB Smith are currently valid just click on the blue "Valid Filter Icon"
 and you will see that about 92 of the 398 species described by JLB Smith are currently valid name combinations.

From an interest point of view, you can now click on the red "Picture" Icon
 to see how many of the currently valid "Name Combinations" have pictures. If you do this, you will see that about 74 of the valid species have pictures.
This is useful information as we now know that we need pictures for 18 valid species.

You will also see that there are now 3 filters, (Pictures, Valid and Original) which are activated. 

The example above tells you how many species a particular author was involved in describing.
You can easily modify the Authorship filter to show where an author was the first author (change the criteria to "Begins with").

To find out where the author was the only author is not so easy. You would assume that the criteria would be "Equal to", and normally you would be correct. In this case however Authorship is a formatted record which contains the year and parentheses, and you cannot use "Equal to".

You can only find out where the author was the only author by using the "Filter Builder" at the bottom of the "Species List" page and using the criteria "AuthorWI Equals Smith [J. L. B.]". (AuthorWI is Author With Initials).

The Filter Builder is shown below:

Click on OK and you will get the Species List shown below where JLB Smith was the only author:

You now have a list of about 678 records where JLB Smith was the only author. To exclude the unwanted records that are not Original Names and only show the Original Names, you must now Click on the Green Filter Icon.

After Clicking on the Green Filter Icon only the Original species names are displayed as shown below:

        You now have 393 species that were described by JLB Smith as the sole author.
        Previously we found that he was involved in describing 398 species so this tells us that he worked 
        together with other authors in describing 5 species. In this case, the other author was his wife Smith [M. M.].
        To find these records, remove the existing Filter condition "AuthorWI Equals Smith [J. L. B]" and enter      
Smith [J. L. B.] & Smith [M. M.]" into the Authorship box.

        If you just enter "Smith [J. L. B.] &" you will get the same result.
        This is because the default condition for the Authorship Filter is "Authorship Contains" and there is only one
        other author involved.

             If you enter "Smith [M. M.]" you will also get the same result.
       If you have followed and understood this process you will begin to appreciate the extremely powerful search,
       filter and grouping capabilities that are available in Fishwisepro.

       There is an alternative way of obtaining the required information which is easier and quicker.

       Use Menu >> Data >> Click on Individuals.

       The Individual List is now displayed. Enter the author name you are interested in as shown below.
       In this example we have chosen Randall as the author of interest.

       Now press Enter to find Individuals containing the name "Randall"   

       Three records are displayed

       Randall [H. A.]  - Helen Randall

       Randall [J. E.]   - John Randall  (generally known as Jack)

       Randall [Z. S.]   - Zachary Randall

In the columns "Described Species" and "Described Genera" You can see the number of Species and Genera each Individual has described.


When the Individual List is first opened you can Click on the Column headers to sort the number of Described Species or Genera from largest to smallest or from smallest to largest. This will give you a list of Authors sorted
by the number of Species described or number of Genera described.


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