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How many valid species of fish are there ?

How many valid species of fish are there ? - Example: All waters (Fresh, Brack and Salt).

On the Menu, hover your mouse over "Data", Select and Click on "Species".
After loading, the "Species List" will display about 98 000 records.
Click on the Blue Valid Filter icon
  which is located above the  Indicator icons.
Only Valid Names are now displayed. You should now get about 35 000 Valid species.

The number of "Items" displayed on the left side at the top and the bottom of the list is now the number of Valid species names.

You must however be aware that the number obtained is not static and changes continuously. 

On average over the last 10 years, more than 400 new species have been described each year.
This is more than 1 new species every day.

TIP - Always use your mouse to browse over icons and controls to see what information they provide and / or what actions they perform.

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