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How many valid saltwater species of fish are there ?

How many valid saltwater species of fish are there ? - Example: Saltwater.

On the Menu, hover your mouse over "Data", Select and Click on "Species". 

After loading, the "Species List" will display about 100 000 records.
Click on the Blue Valid Filter icon
which is located above the Indicator icons. 
Only Valid Names are now displayed. There should be more than 34 300 Valid species.

The list shown is of all "Valid" species found in all waters. (Salt, Brack and Fresh).

If you want to know how many of these are marine species we must add an additional filter to only show species
that are found in salt water. 

To do this we must use the "Page Filter"  located at the bottom LHS of the page as shown below.

The first box with the "Tick" shows that all Filters are activated. Removing this tick will deactivate all filters and clicking and
adding the "Tick" back will again activate all filters displayed in the "Filter Text Box".
If some of the text is not visible, hover the mouse over the text and you will be able to see the full text.
The filter text is displayed in red when the filters are de-activated

TIP -  always check the status of this "Tick Box". Particularly when unexpected data is displayed.

The second control is the "Key Icon" which is used to open the "Filter Builder" user interface.
Click on the "Key Icon" and get the "Filter Builder" as shown below:


To only show marine species we must add an additional filter. 
Now Click on the "+" Icon to add a new condition. The "+" icon is located at the head of the green arrow.


After Clicking on the "+" Icon you will see that a new condition "Species Begins with" has been added.


This is not what is wanted and this new condition must Edited.  
Click on Species (the first portion of the new condition) and a drop down box appears from which the required condition can be elected.  In this case, Click on "isSalt" and the "Filter Builder" will now appear as shown below:


Now complete the condition to read "isSalt Equals True" and Click "OK"

TIP -  All objects in a query statement having a name starting with "is" can only be True or False.

You will now get a list of all the Valid Marine Species.
The number of Valid Marine Species is displayed at the top and the bottom of the Left Hand Side of the displayed list.
You will see that the number is just more than 18000.

You have now successfully obtained the number of Valid Marine Species.

Please Note:
We define marine species as species that exist only in salt water as well as any other non-salt water fish that may regularly
be found in salt water.
The number of Valid Marine Species is not constant and increases as more new species are found. On average over the last 10 years we have had 400 new species described every year. This is more than 1 new species every day.


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