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Cloquet 1816

Genus   Aluteres
AuthorWI   Cloquet [H.]
AuthorNI   Cloquet
Qualification   ---
Year   1816
Status   Spelling
Gender   masculine
Class   Osteichthyes
Order   Tetraodontiformes
Family   Monacanthidae
Subfamily   ---
Tribe   ---
Original Genus   Aluterus
Original Family   Monacanthidae
Original Sub Family   ---
Original Year   1816
Gender   masculine

Type Species   Balistes monoceros
Type Species AuthorWI   Linnaeus [C.]
Type Species AuthorNI   Linnaeus
Type Species Qualification   ---
Type Species Year   1758
Type Designation   Type by subsequent designation
Current Genus   Aluterus
Current Year   1816
Current Family   Monacanthidae
Current Summary   Synonym [Spelling] of Aluterus  Cloquet 1816. Monacanthidae.
Name History   Type designated by Jordan 1917:98 [ref. 2407]. Based on "Les Alutères" Cuvier 1816, first latinized by Cloquet (Dec.) 1816. Misspelled Aleuteres, Alutarius, Aleisterius  and Alutera  ; see also Alutera  Oken 1817. Valid (Berry & Vogele 1961:64 [ref. 19549], Matsuura 1979:165 [ref. 7019], Tyler 1980:178 [ref. 4477] and Arai 1983:199 [ref. 14249] as Alutera, Matsuura in Masuda et al. 1984:361 [ref. 6441] and Hutchins 1986:883 [ref. 5673] as Aluterus  ).
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