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Lesueur 1833

Genus   Aphrodederus
AuthorWI   Lesueur [C. A.]
AuthorNI   Lesueur
Qualification   in Cuvier & Valenciennes
Year   1833
Status   Spelling
Gender   masculine
Class   Osteichthyes
Order   Percopsiformes
Family   Aphredoderidae
Subfamily   ---
Tribe   ---
Original Genus   Aphredoderus
Original Family   Aphredoderidae
Original Sub Family   ---
Original Year   1833
Gender   masculine

Type Species   Aphredoderus gibbosus
Type Species AuthorWI   Lesueur [C. A.]
Type Species AuthorNI   Lesueur
Type Species Qualification   ---
Type Species Year   1833
Type Designation   Type by monotypy
Current Genus   Aphredoderus
Current Year   1833
Current Family   Aphredoderidae
Current Summary   Synonym [Spelling] Aphredoderus  Lesueur 1833. Aphredoderidae.
Name History   Incorrect subsequent spellings in early literature include Aphrodederus, Aspredoderus, Aphrodedirus, Aphododirus, and Aphredodirus (e.g. Cope 1870:455 [ref. 913]). Aphododerus Jordan 1877:52 [ref. 2374] is an unjustified emendation and is available (see Aphododerus); see Poly 2004:2 [ref. 27585] for more detail. Kottelat 2013:349 says text explicitly written by Valencienes (needs checking). •Valid as Aphredoderus Lesueur 1833 -- (Boltz & Stauffer 1993 [ref. 20308], Jenkins & Burkhead 1994:593 [ref. 21581], Poly 2004:2 [ref. 27585], Scharpf 2006:35 [ref. 30386], Kottelat 2013:349 [ref. 32989]).
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