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Lacepède 1803

Genus   Hydrargyra
AuthorWI   Lacepède [B. G. E.]
AuthorNI   Lacepède
Qualification   ---
Year   1803
Status   Synonym
Gender   feminine
Class   Osteichthyes
Order   Cyprinodontiformes
Family   Fundulidae
Subfamily   ---
Tribe   ---
Original Genus   Hydrargyra
Original AuthorWI   Lacepède [B. G. E.]
Original AuthorNI   Lacepède
Original Family   Fundulidae
Original Sub Family   ---
Original Year   1803
Gender   feminine

Type Species   Hydrargira swampina
Type Species AuthorWI   Lacepède [B. G. E.]
Type Species AuthorNI   Lacepède
Type Species Qualification   ---
Type Species Year   1803
Type Designation   ---
Current Genus   Fundulus
Current AuthorWI   Lacepède [B. G. E.]
Current AuthorNI   Lacepède
Current Year   1803
Current Family   Fundulidae
Current Summary   Synonym of Fundulus  Lacepède 1803. Fundulidae.
Name History   Hydrargyra Rafinesque 1815:88 [ref. 3584] and authors is an incorrect subsequent spelling or unjustified emendation. •Synonym of Fundulus Lacepède 1803 -- (Bailey & Wiley 1976 [ref. 7090], Parenti 1981:494 [ref. 7066], Wildekamp 1996:223 [ref. 23649], Lazara 2001:139 [ref. 25711], Huber 2005:16 [ref. 28394]).
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