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Plumier 1801

Genus   Lupus
AuthorWI   Plumier [C.]
AuthorNI   Plumier
Qualification   in Lacepède
Year   1801
Status   Not available
Gender   ---
Class   Osteichthyes
Order   Labriformes
Family   Labridae
Subfamily   ---
Tribe   ---
Original Genus   Lupus
Original AuthorWI   Plumier [C.]
Original AuthorNI   Plumier
Original Qualification   in Lacepède
Original Family   Labridae
Original Sub Family   ---
Original Year   1801
Gender   ---

Type Species   Lupus minimus
Type Species AuthorWI   Plumier [C.]
Type Species AuthorNI   Plumier
Type Species Qualification   in Lacepède
Type Species Year   1801
Type Designation   ---
Current Genus   ---
Current AuthorWI   ---
Current Family   ---
Name History   Added by DAP (FishWise) to tie in with 'Genus Species' combinations in the "Catalogue of Fishes" DataBase where the Genus did not exist in the "Catalogue of Fishes" DataBase. The data was obtained from Species Table and should be checked before using. It is included as a guide only for completeness sake. No documentation found on the genus Lupus. The name Lupus  used by Plumier. See Lupus minimus Plumier [C.] in Lacepède 1801:522 [Histoire naturelle des poissons (Lacepéde) v. 3; ref. 2710] Appeared as "Lupus minimus, argenteus, maculis purpureis tesselatus" in account of Labrus cruentatus; regarded as non-binominal, not available. Labridae.
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