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Lacepède 1801

Genus   Trachynotus
AuthorWI   Lacepède [B. G. E.]
AuthorNI   Lacepède
Qualification   ---
Year   1801
Status   Spelling
Gender   masculine
Class   Osteichthyes
Order   Carangiformes
Family   Carangidae
Subfamily   ---
Tribe   ---
Original Genus   Trachynotus
Original AuthorWI   Lacepède [B. G. E.]
Original AuthorNI   Lacepède
Original Family   Carangidae
Original Sub Family   ---
Original Year   1801
Gender   masculine

Type Species   Scomber falcatus
Type Species AuthorWI   Forsskål [P. S.]
Type Species AuthorNI   Forsskål
Type Species Qualification   ---
Type Species Year   1775
Type Designation   Type by monotypy.
Current Genus   Trachinotus
Current AuthorWI   Lacepède [B. G. E.]
Current AuthorNI   Lacepède
Current Year   1801
Current Family   Carangidae
Current Summary   Valid as Trachinotus  Lacepède 1801. Carangidae.
Name History   Trachynotus  Agassiz 1846:373, 374 [ref. 64] and authors is an unjustified emendation; as emended is apparently preoccupied by use of name by Latreille 1829 in Coleoptera and Gravenhorst 1829 in Hymenoptera. Type species also preoccupied; next available name is Caesiomorus blochii  Lacepède 1801. Valid (Hureau & Tortonese 1973:383 [ref. 7198] as Trachynotus, Gushiken in Masuda et al. 1984:154 [ref. 6441], Smith-Vaniz 1986:658 [ref. 5718], Daget & Smith-Vaniz 1986:319 [ref. 6207]).
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