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  Valid as Leporinus acutidens  (Valenciennes 1837). Anostomidae. Leporinus acutidens
  Valid as Leporinus affinis  Günther 1864. Anostomidae. Leporinus affinis
  Uncertain as Leporinus steindachneri  Eigenmann 1907. Anostomidae. Leporinus affinis
  Synonym of Pinirampus pirinampu  (Spix & Agassiz 1829). Pimelodidae. Leporinus agassizi
  Valid as Leporinus agassizii  Steindachner 1876. Anostomidae. Leporinus agassizii
  Synonym of Leporinus obtusidens  (Valenciennes 1837). Anostomidae. Leporinus aguapeiensis
  Synonym of Leporinus maculatus  Müller & Troschel 1844. Anostomidae. Leporinus alternus
  Valid as Leporinus altipinnis  Borodin 1929. Anostomidae. Leporinus altipinnis
  Valid as Leporinus amae  Godoy 1980. Anostomidae. Leporinus amae
  Valid as Leporinus amazonicus  Santos & Zuanon 2008. Anostomidae. Leporinus amazonicus
  Valid as Leporinus amblyrhynchus  Garavello & Britski 1987. Anostomidae. Leporinus amblyrhynchus
  Valid as Leporinus apollo  Sidlauskas, Mol & Vari 2011. Anostomidae. Leporinus apollo
  Valid as Leporinus arcus  Eigenmann 1912. Anostomidae. Leporinus arcus
  Valid as Leporinus aripuanaensis  Garavello & Santos 1981. Anostomidae. Leporinus aripuanaensis
  Valid as Leporinus badueli  Puyo 1948. Anostomidae. Leporinus badueli
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