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  Acanthuriformes butterflyfishes; snappers; angelfishes; tilefishes; grunts & fusiliersValid 
  Acipenseriformes sturgeons; spoonfishesValid 
  Albuliformes bonefishesValid 
  Alepocephaliformes slickheads & tubeshouldersValidMarshall 1962
  Amiiformes bowfinsValid 
  Anabantiformes labrinth fishesValidBritz 1995
  Anguilliformes eels and moraysValid 
  Argentiniformes marine smeltsValidJohnson & Patterson 1996
  Ateleopodiformes jellynose fishesValid 
  Atheriniformes blue eyes; silversidesValid 
  Aulopiformes lizard fishes; barracudinas; grinnersValid 
  Batrachoidiformes toadfishesValid 
  Beloniformes adrianichthyids; needlefishesValid 
  Beryciformes sawbelliesValid 
  Blenniiformes blennies & stargazersValidBleeker 1859
  Callionymiformes dragonetsValid 
  Caproiformes boarfishesValid 
  Carangiformes jacks; kigfishes; cobias; pompanos; remoras & dolphinfishes.Valid 
  Carcharhiniformes ground sharks; barbeled houndsharksValid 
  Ceratodontiformes Australian lungfishesValid 
  Characiformes characinsValid 
  Chimaeriformes chimaeras; silver sharksValid 
  Cichliformes cichlids & convict blenniesValid 
  Clupeiformes wolf herringsValid 
  Coelacanthiformes CoelacanthsValid 
  Cypriniformes carps; minnowsValid 
  Cyprinodontiformes rivulines; killifishes and livebearersValid 
  Echinorhiniformes bramble sharksValid 
  Elopiformes tarpons and tenpoundersValid 
  Esociformes pikes; mudminnowsValid 
  Gadiformes eucla codsValid 
  Galaxiiformes galaxiiformsValidBetancur-R. [R.], Wiley, Bailly, Miya, Lecointre & Ortí 2016
  Gobiesociformes clingfishesValid 
  Gobiiformes gobies; sleepersValid 
  Gonorynchiformes milkfishValid 
  Gymnotiformes knifefishesValid 
  Heterodontiformes bullhead sharks; horn sharksValidGarman 1885
  Hexanchiformes frilled sharks; cow sharksValid 
  Hiodontiformes mooneyesValidTaverne 1979
  Holocentriformes squirrelfishesValid 
  Icosteiformes ragfishesValid 
  Incerate sedis Order ranking uncertain-- 
  Istiophoriformes saw sharksValid 
  Kurtiformes cardinalfishes & nurseryfishesValid 
  Labriformes wrasses; parrotfishes & calesValid 
  Lamniformes mackerel sharks; thresher sharksValidGarman 1885
  Lampriformes velifers; tube-eyes; ribbonfishesValid 
  Lepidogalaxiiformes salamanderfishesValid 
  Lepisosteiformes garsValidHay 1929
  Lophiiformes deepsea anglerfishesValid 
  Moroniformes temperate basses; spadefishes & sicklefishesValid 
  Mugiliformes mulletsValidBerg 1940
  Myctophiformes lanternfishesValid 
  Myliobatiformes stingraysValidCompagno 1973
  Myxiniformes hagfishesValid 
  Notacanthiformes tapirfishes; spiny eels; halosaursValid 
  Ophidiiformes cusk eels; brotulas; pearlfishesValid 
  Orectolobiformes Carpet sharksValidCompagno 1973
  Osmeriformes smelts; salamander fishes; slickheadsValid 
  Osteoglossiformes knifefishes; featherbacks; bonytonguesValid 
  Perciformes perch-like fishes; sea chubsValidBleeker 1859
  Percopsiformes trout-perches; pirate perches; cavefishesValid 
  Petromyzontiformes lamphreysValid 
  Pleuronectiformes soles; flounders; flatfishesValid 
  Polymixiiformes beard fishesValid 
  Polypteriformes bichirsValid 
  Pristiformes sawfishesValid 
  Pristiophoriformes saw sharksValidBerg 1958
  Rajiformes skates; sawfishes; rays; eagle raysValid 
  Salmoniformes whitefishes; salmons; pikes and smeltsValid 
  Scombriformes mackerelsValid 
  Scombrolabraciformes longfin escolarsValid 
  Scorpaeniformes scorpionfishes and flatheadsValid 
  Siluriformes catfishes freshwater North AmericanValid 
  Spariformes breams & progiesValid 
  Squaliformes dogfish sharksValid 
  Squatiniformes angel sharksValidde Buen 1926
  Stomiiformes lightfishes and dragonfishesValid 
  Stylephoriformes tube-eyes or threadtailsValid 
  Synbranchiformes spiny-eels; swamp eelsValid 
  Syngnathiformes pipefishes; seahorsesValid 
  Tetraodontiformes trunkfishes; triggerfishes; puffers; filefishes; leatherjacketsValidBerg 1940
  Torpediniformes electric raysValid 
  Trachichthyiformes roughiesValid 
  Trachiniformes swallowers; gapers; sandperches; torrentfishes; sanddivers & duckbillsValid 
  Zeiformes John dories; dories; boarfishesValidRafinesque 1810
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