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Apogon victoriae
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Apogon victoriae


Apogon victoriae was originally described as Apogon victoriae by Günther in 1859. It belongs to the family Apogonidae and subfamily Apogoninae. It is commonly known as Western striped cardinalfish. It is found in Salt water and its distribution is Australia: Western Australia.
Species   victoriae
AuthorWI   Günther [A.]
AuthorNI   Günther
Qualification   ---
Year   1859
Status   Valid
Class   Osteichthyes Osteichthyes
Order   Kurtiformes Kurtiformes
Family   Apogonidae
Subfamily   Apogoninae Apogoninae
Genus   Apogon
Subgenus   ---

Class   Osteichthyes
Order   Kurtiformes
Family   Apogonidae
Subfamily   Apogoninae
Genus   Apogon
Original Name   Apogon        
Taxon Name   victoriae
Original Combination   Apogon victoriae
Original Genus   Apogon
Original Genus Species   Apogon victoriae
OriginalSubGenus   Apogon
Original Author   Günther
Original AuthorWI   Günther [A.]
Original Qualification   ---
Original Year   1859
Original Family   Apogonidae
Original SubFamily   Apogoninae
Original Level   species
Type Locality   Victoria [actually Western Australia], Australia.
Types   Syntypes: (2) BMNH 1858.12.27.32 (1, primary specimen).
Primary Code   ---
Journal   Cat. Fishes
Citation   v. 1
Page   243

SubSpecies AuthorWI   ---
Qualification SS   ---

Original QualificationSS   ---

Current Subspecies AuthorWI   ---

Current Genus Species   Ostorhinchus ---
Current Genus   Ostorhinchus
Current AuthorWI   Günther [A.]
Current AuthorNI   Günther
Current Year   1859
Current Family   Apogonidae
Current Subfamily   Apogoninae Apogoninae

Habitat   reef-associated        
Water   Salt water
Habitat Notes   Nocturnal species; occurs inshore (Ref. 7300).
Distribution   Australia: Western Australia.

Current Summary   Valid as Ostorhinchus victoriae  (Günther 1859). Apogonidae: Apogoninae.
Name History   • Tentatively valid as Apogon victoriae  Günther 1859 -- (Randall & Hoese 1988:363 [ref. 14264] and with remarks on the type locality, Paxton et al. 1989:551 [ref. 12442]). • Valid as Apogon victoriae  Günther 1859 -- (Kuiter 1997:142 [ref. 25488], Hutchins 2001:32 [ref. 25847], Allen et al. 2006:1097 [ref. 29004]). • Valid as Ostorinchus victoriae  (Günther 1859) -- (Mabuchi et al. 2014:201 [ref. 33426]).

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enigmaticus Apogon enigmaticus (Smith [J. L. B.] 1961)Synonym
enneastigma Apogon enneastigma Rüppell [W. P. E. S.] 1838Synonym
erdmani Apogon erdmani Lachner [E. A.] 1951Synonym
erythrinus Apogon erythrinus Snyder [J. O.] 1904Valid
erythrosoma Apogon erythrosoma Gon [O.] & Randall [J. E.] 2003Valid
euspilotus Apogon euspilotus Fraser [T. H.] 2006Synonym
evanidus Apogon evanidus Fowler [H. W.] 1904Synonym
evermanni Apogon evermanni Jordan [D. S.] & Snyder [J. O.] 1904Synonym
exostigma Apogon exostigma (Jordan [D. S.] & Starks [E. C.] in Jordan & Seale 1906)Synonym
fasciatus Apogon fasciatus Quoy [J. R. C.] & Gaimard [J. P.] 1825Synonym
fasciatus Apogon fasciatus (Shaw [G.] in White 1790)Synonym
flagelliferus Apogon flagelliferus (Smith [J. L. B.] 1961)Synonym
flavus Apogon flavus Allen [G. R.] & Randall [J. E.] 1993Valid
fleurieu Apogon fleurieu (Lacepède [B. G. E.] 1802)Synonym
fraenatus Apogon fraenatus Valenciennes [A.] 1832Synonym
fraenatus yaeyamaensis Apogon fraenatus yaeyamaensis Aoyagi [H.] 1943Synonym
fragilis Apogon fragilis Smith [J. L. B.] 1961Synonym
franssedai Apogon franssedai Allen [G. R.], Kuiter [R. H.] & Randall [J. E.] 1994Synonym
fraxineus Apogon fraxineus (Smith [J. L. B.] 1961)Synonym
frenatus Apogon frenatus Valenciennes [A.] 1832Valid
frenatus yaeyamaensis Apogon frenatus yaeyamaensis Aoyagi [H.] 1943Synonym
fucatus Apogon fucatus Cantor [T. E.] 1849Synonym
fukuii Apogon fukuii Hayashi [M.] 1990Valid
fusca Apogon fusca (Quoy [J. R. C.] & Gaimard [J. P.] 1825)Valid
fuscomaculatus Apogon fuscomaculatus Allen [G. R.] & Morrison [S. M.] 1996Synonym
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