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Balistes vidua
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Balistes vidua


Balistes vidua was originally described as Balistes vidua by Richardson in 1845. It belongs to the family Balistidae. It is found in Salt water.
Species   vidua
AuthorWI   Richardson [J.]
AuthorNI   Richardson
Qualification   (ex Solander)
Year   1845
Status   Synonym
Osteichthyes Osteichthyes
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontiformes
Family   Balistidae
--- ---
Genus   Balistes
Subgenus   ---

Class   Osteichthyes
Order   Tetraodontiformes
Family   Balistidae
Genus   Balistes
Original Name   Balistes        
Taxon Name   vidua
Original Combination   Balistes vidua
Original Genus  
Original Genus Species   Balistes vidua
OriginalSubGenus   Balistes
Original Author   Richardson
Original AuthorWI   Richardson [J.]
Original Qualification   (ex Solander)
Original Year   1845
Original Family  
Original SubFamily   ---
Original Level   species
Type Locality   Polynesia and Tahiti, Society Islands.
Types   Syntypes: BMNH 1972.8.16.1 (1).
Primary Code   ---
Journal   Ichthy. Voyage Sulphur 3
Page   128
Illustrations   Pl. 59 (figs. 9-12)

SubSpecies AuthorWI ---
Qualification SS ---

Current Subspecies AuthorWI ---

Current Genus Species Melichthys vidua
Current Species vidua
Current Genus Melichthys
Current AuthorWI Richardson [J.]
Current AuthorNI Richardson
Current Year 1845
Current Family Balistidae
Current Subfamily
--- ---

Habitat Marine.        
Water Salt water

Current Summary   Synonym of Melichthys vidua  (Richardson 1845). Balistidae.
Name History   •Valid as Melichthys vidua (Richardson 1845) -- (Randall & Klausewitz 1973:62 [ref. 7581], Matsuura in Masuda et al. 1984:358 [ref. 6441], Smith & Heemstra 1986:879 [ref. 5714], Allen & Swainston 1988:158 [ref. 25477], Allen & Swainston 1988:150 [ref. 25477], Randall et al. 1990:454 [ref. 15987], Mohsin & Ambak 1996:610 [ref. 27969] with author as Solander, Lindberg et al. 1997:60 [ref. 23547], Allen 1997:238, 250 [ref. 23977], Grove & Lavenberg 1997:632 [ref. 24023], Chen et al. 1997:179 [ref. 26476] with author and date as Solander 1844, Kuiter 1997:386 [ref. 25488], Randall et al. 1997:454 [ref. 25919], Randall & Mundy 1998:331 [ref. 24063], Allen & Swainston 1988:150 [ref. 25477], Myers 1999:282 [ref. 23965], Fricke 1999:580 [ref. 24106], Allen 2000:94 [ref. 37268], Matsuura in Randall & Lim 2000:647 [ref. 25122], Nakabo 2000:1396 [ref. 25182], Laboute & Grandperrin 2000:455 [ref. 25191], Randall & Earle 2000:22 [ref. 25806], Hutchins 2001:47 [ref. 25847], Matsuura 2001:3924 [ref. 26315] with authorship as Solander 1844, Nakabo 2002:1396 [ref. 26193], Allen & Adrim 2003:64 [ref. 26830] with author and date as Solander 1844, Manilo & Bogorodsky 2003:S123 [ref. 27377], Myers & Donaldson 2003:649 [ref. 27495] with author as Solander 1844, Lobel & Lobel 2004:77 [ref. 27576], Randall et al. 2004:31 [ref. 27624] as Solander 1845, Adrim et al. 2004:127 [ref. 27715], Randall 2005:623 [ref. 28239] with author as Solander in Richardson, Mundy 2005:524 [ref. 28379], Allen et al. 2006:1873 [ref. 29098], Randall 2007:471 [ref. 30952], Fricke et al. 2009:116 [ref. 30213], McCosker & Rosenblatt 2010:195 [ref. 30957] with author as Solander and dated 1844, Motomura et al. 2010:232 [ref. 31256], Allen & Erdmann 2012:1063 [ref. 31980], Page et al. 2013:189 [ref. 32708], Matsuura 2014:7 [ref. 33576], Fricke et al. 2014:192 [ref. 33932], Delrieu-Trottin et al. 2015:8 [ref. 33988], Fourriére et al. 2016:451 [ref. 34668], Del Moral-Flores et al. 2016:612 [ref. 34923], Koeda et al. 2016:110 [ref. 35333], Koeda et al. 2016:18 [ref. 35354], Motomura et al. 2017:230 [ref. 35490], Fricke et al. 2019:322 [ref. 36673]).

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acanthuroides Balistes acanthuroides Curtiss [A.] 1938In family
aculeatus Balistes aculeatus Linnaeus [C.] 1758Synonym
aculeatus Balistes aculeatus minor --- in Niebuhr 1775Synonym
aculeatus viridis Balistes aculeatus viridis Bennett [J. W.] 1828Synonym
adspersus Balistes adspersus Tschudi [J. J. von] 1846Synonym
albicaudatus Balistes albicaudatus Rüppell [W. P. E. S.] 1829Synonym
albifasciatus Balistes albifasciatus Kuhl [H.] & van Hasselt [J. C.] in Bleeker 1851In family
albipunctatus Balistes albipunctatus Ehrenberg [C. G.] in Rüppell 1829Not available
albomarginatus Balistes albomarginatus Ehrenberg [C. G.] in Rüppell 1829Not available
amboinensis Balistes amboinensis Gray [J. E.] 1831Synonym
americanus Balistes americanus Gmelin [J. F.] 1789Synonym
angulosus Balistes angulosus Hollard [H. L. G. M.] 1854In family
angulosus Balistes angulosus Quoy [J. R. C.] & Gaimard [J. P.] 1824Synonym
angusticauda Balistes angusticauda Mitchill [S. L.] 1818In family
annularis Balistes annularis Rafinesque [C. S.] 1810Synonym
arcuatus Balistes arcuatus Bloch [M. E.] & Schneider [J. G.] 1801Synonym
armatus Balistes armatus Bloch [M. E.] & Schneider [J. G.] 1801In family
asperrimus Balistes asperrimus Cope [E. D.] 1871Synonym
assasi Balistes assasi Fabricius [J. C.] 1775Synonym
aurantiacus Balistes aurantiacus Mitchill [S. L.] 1815Synonym
aureolus Balistes aureolus Richardson [J.] 1845Synonym
auromarginatus Balistes auromarginatus Bennett [E. T.] 1832Synonym
australis Balistes australis Donovan [E.] 1824Synonym
auwawa Balistes auwawa Walbaum [J. J.] 1792Synonym
ayraud Balistes ayraud Quoy [J. R. C.] & Gaimard [J. P.] 1824Synonym
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