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Bathytroctes attritus
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Bathytroctes attritus


Bathytroctes attritus was originally described as Bathytroctes attritus by Vaillant in 1888. It belongs to the family Alepocephalidae. It is found in Salt water.
Species   attritus
AuthorWI   Vaillant [L. L.]
AuthorNI   Vaillant
Qualification   ---
Year   1888
Status   Synonym
Osteichthyes Osteichthyes
Alepocephaliformes Alepocephaliformes
Family   Alepocephalidae
--- ---
Genus   Bathytroctes
Subgenus   ---

Class   Osteichthyes
Order   Alepocephaliformes
Family   Alepocephalidae
Genus   Bathytroctes
Original Name   Bathytroctes        
Taxon Name   attritus
Original Combination   Bathytroctes attritus
Original Genus  
Original Genus Species   Bathytroctes attritus
OriginalSubGenus   Bathytroctes
Original Author   Vaillant
Original AuthorWI   Vaillant [L. L.]
Original Qualification   ---
Original Year   1888
Original Family  
Original SubFamily   ---
Original Level   species
Type Locality   Azores, northeastern Atlantic, depth 1442 meters.
Types   Paralectotypes: MNHN 1885-0169 (1), 2 others lost.
Type Catalogue   Type catalog: Bertin 1940:275 [ref. 293] with holotype and paratopotype.
Primary Code   Lectotype
Primary Type   MNHN 1885-0166 (poor condition)
Journal   Exped. Travailleur et Talisman
Page   158
Illustrations   Pl. 12 (fig. 2, 2a-c)

SubSpecies AuthorWI ---
Qualification SS ---

Current Subspecies AuthorWI ---

Current Genus Species Rouleina attrita
Current Species   attrita
Current Genus Rouleina
Current AuthorWI Vaillant [L. L.]
Current AuthorNI   Vaillant
Current Year   1888
Current Family Alepocephalidae
Current Subfamily
--- ---

Habitat Marine.        
Water Salt water

Current Summary   Synonym of Rouleina attrita  (Vaillant 1888). Alepocephalidae.
Name History   •Valid as Rouleina attrita (Vaillant 1888) -- (Krefft 1973:91 [ref. 7166], Markle & Quéro in Whitehead et al. 1984:249 [ref. 13675], Markle 1986:222 [ref. 5687], Paxton et al. 1989:210 [ref. 12442], Shcherbachev et al. 1989:164 [ref. 36134], Markle & Sazonov 1990:261 [ref. 14215], Sazonov & Markle 1990:114 [ref. 21681], Sazonov et al. 1993:59 [ref. 21498], Nakamura & Okamura in Okamura et al. 1995:77 [ref. 22531], Santos et al. 1997:28 [ref. 23531], Pequeño 1997:80 [ref. 23536], Arruda 1997:28 [ref. 24952], McEachran & Fechhelm 1998:398 [ref. 23897], Fricke 1999:86 [ref. 24106], Sazonov & Markle 1999:1893 [ref. 24739], Sheiko & Fedorov 2000:18 [ref. 25650], Mecklenburg et al. 2002:166 [ref. 25968], Hutchins 2001:19 [ref. 25847], Sazonov & Merrett 2001:S46 [ref. 26652], Sazonov & Williams 2001:S19 [ref. 26712], Carter & Hartel 2003:878 [ref. 27000], Moore et al. 2003:180 [ref. 27076], Duhamel et al. 2005:397 [ref. 32059] with question, Hoese et al. 2006:390 [ref. 29035], Kenaley & Orr 2006:200 [ref. 29240], Williams & Sazonov 2008:204 [ref. 30623], Møller et al. 2010:25 [ref. 31169], Parin et al. 2014:112 [ref. 33547], Williams & Stewart 2015:372 [ref. 34243], Bañón et al. 2016:306 [ref. 34397], Hartel & Orrell 2016:1770 [ref. 34565], Robertson et al. 2017:41 [ref. 35676], Fricke et al. 2018:63 [ref. 35805], Carneiro et al. 2019:78 [ref. 37250], Quéro et al. 2019:27 [ref. 36877]).

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aequatoris Bathytroctes (Talismania) aequatoris Goode [G. B.] & Bean [T. H.] 1896Synonym
aequatoris Bathytroctes aequatoris Goode [G. B.] & Bean [T. H.] 1896Synonym
alveatus Bathytroctes alveatus Garman [S.] 1899Synonym
alvifrons Bathytroctes alvifrons Garman [S.] 1899Synonym
antillarum Bathytroctes (Talismania) antillarum Goode [G. B.] & Bean [T. H.] 1896Synonym
antillarum Bathytroctes antillarum Goode [G. B.] & Bean [T. H.] 1896Synonym
antipodiana Bathytroctes antipodiana Parrott [A. W.] 1948Synonym
breviceps Bathytroctes breviceps Sazonov [Yu. I.] 1999Valid
bullisi Bathytroctes bullisi (Grey [M.] 1958)Synonym
calcaratus Bathytroctes calcaratus Weber [M.] 1913Synonym
curvifrons Bathytroctes curvifrons Roule [L.] & Angel [F.] 1931Synonym
danae Bathytroctes danae Parr [A. E.] 1951Synonym
drakei Bathytroctes drakei Beebe [W.] 1929Synonym
elegans Bathytroctes elegans Sazonov [Yu. I.] & Ivanov [A. N.] 1979Valid
grimaldii Bathytroctes grimaldii Zugmayer [E.] 1911Synonym
harperi Bathytroctes harperi Fowler [H. W.] 1934Synonym
homopterus Bathytroctes homopterus Vaillant [L. L.] 1888Synonym
innesi Bathytroctes innesi Fowler [H. W.] 1934Synonym
inspector Bathytroctes inspector Garman [S.] 1899Valid
koefoedi Bathytroctes koefoedi Parr [A. E.] 1951Synonym
kopua Bathytroctes kopua Phillipps [W. J.] 1942Synonym
longifilis Bathytroctes longifilis Brauer [A.] 1902Synonym
macrognathus Bathytroctes macrognathus Sazonov [Yu. I.] 1999Valid
macrolepis Bathytroctes macrolepis Günther [A.] 1887Valid
melanocephalus Bathytroctes melanocephalus Vaillant [L. L.] 1888Synonym
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