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Centrolophus medusophagus
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Centrolophus medusophagus


Centrolophus medusophagus was originally described as Centrolophus medusophagus by Cocco in 1839. It belongs to the family Centrolophidae. It is commonly known as Cornish blackfish but has many other common names such as in USA (contiguous states) as Brown ruff, in France as Rouffe des méduses, in Iceland as Bretahveðnir, in Portugal as Liro-mole, in Spain as Rufo de aguas malas. more common names It is found in Salt water and its distribution is Western Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic.
Species   medusophagus
AuthorWI   Cocco [A.]
AuthorNI   Cocco
Qualification   ---
Year   1839
Status   Synonym
Osteichthyes Osteichthyes
Scombriformes Scombriformes
Family   Centrolophidae
--- ---
Genus   Centrolophus
Subgenus   ---

Class   Osteichthyes
Order   Scombriformes
Family   Centrolophidae
Genus   Centrolophus
Original Name   Centrolophus        
Taxon Name   medusophagus
Original Combination   Centrolophus medusophagus
Original Genus  
Original Genus Species   Centrolophus medusophagus
OriginalSubGenus   Centrolophus
Original Author   Cocco
Original AuthorWI   Cocco [A.]
Original Qualification   ---
Original Year   1839
Original Family  
Original SubFamily   ---
Original Level   species
Type Locality   Messina, Sicily, Italy, Mediterranean Sea.
Primary Code   ---
Primary Type   No types known
Journal   Giorn. Gabin. Litt. Messina
Citation   v. 1
Page   57

SubSpecies AuthorWI   ---
Qualification SS   ---

Original QualificationSS   ---

Current Subspecies AuthorWI   ---

Current Genus Species   Schedophilus medusophagus
Current Species   medusophagus
Current Genus   Schedophilus
Current AuthorWI   Cocco [A.]
Current AuthorNI   Cocco
Current Year   1839
Current Family   Centrolophidae
Current Subfamily  
--- ---

Habitat   pelagic        
Water   Salt water
Distribution   Western Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic.

Current Summary   Synonym of Schedophilus medusophagus  (Cocco 1839). Centrolophidae.
Name History   • Valid as Centrolophus medusophagus  Cocco 1839 -- (Robins & Ray 1986:269 [ref. 23100], Scott & Scott 1988:471 [ref. 25518], Nelson et al. 2004:177 [ref. 27807] dating to 1829). • Valid as Schedophilus medusophagus  (Cocco 1839) [with date often as 1829] -- (Haedrich 1967:61 [ref. 5357], Haedrich 1973:560 [ref. 7216], John & Karrer 1985:77 [ref. 21825], Haedrich in Whitehead et al. 1986:1181 [ref. 13677], Arruda 1997:111 [ref. 24952], Dulcic 1998:1035 [ref. 23485], John & Karrer 1985 [ref. 21825], McAllister 1990:182 [ref. 14674], Santos et al. 1997:110 [ref. 23531], Porteiro et al. 1999:42 [ref. 24203], Bilecenoglu et al. 2002:178 [ref. 26753], Francour & Javel 2003:57 [ref. 27025], Moore et al. 2003:231 [ref. 27076], Haedrich 2003:1868 [ref. 27117], Bañón et al. 2012:272 [ref. 31874], Page et al. 2013:183 [ref. 32708]).

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bifasciatus Centrolophus bifasciatus (Smith [J. L. B.] 1961)Synonym
britannicus Centrolophus britannicus Günther [A.] 1860Synonym
californicus Centrolophus californicus Hobbs [K. L.] 1929Synonym
corcyrensis Centrolophus corcyrensis Kolombatović [G.] 1902Synonym
crassus Centrolophus crassus Cuvier [G.] in Cuvier & Valenciennes 1833Synonym
dicologlossops Centrolophus dicologlossops (Smith [J. L. B.] 1966)Synonym
elongatus Centrolophus elongatus (Johnson [J. Y.] 1862)Synonym
huttoni Centrolophus huttoni Waite [E. R.] 1910Synonym
irvini Centrolophus irvini (Gilchrist [J. D. F.] & von Bonde [C.] 1923)Synonym
japonicus Centrolophus japonicus Döderlein [L.] in Steindachner & Döderlein 1884Synonym
liparis Centrolophus liparis Risso [A.] 1827Synonym
maculosus Centrolophus maculosus (Nardo [G. D.] 1827)Synonym
maoricus Centrolophus maoricus Ogilby [J. D.] 1893Synonym
messanensis Centrolophus messanensis Cocco [A.] 1829Spelling
microchirus Centrolophus microchirus Bonelli [F. A.] 1819Uncertain
morio Centrolophus morio Cuvier [G.] (ex Lacepède) in Cuvier & Valenciennes 1833Synonym
newtoni Centrolophus newtoni Osório [B.] 1895Synonym
niger Centrolophus niger (Gmelin [J. F.] 1789)Valid
niger Centrolophus niger Lacepède [B. G. E.] 1802Synonym
ovalis Centrolophus ovalis Cuvier [G.] in Cuvier & Valenciennes 1833Synonym
peruanus Centrolophus peruanus Steindachner [F.] 1875Synonym
pompilus Centrolophus pompilus (Linnaeus [C.] 1758)Synonym
porosissimus Centrolophus porosissimus Canestrini [G.] 1864Synonym
rotundicauda Centrolophus rotundicauda Costa [O. G.] 1866Synonym
valenciennesi Centrolophus valenciennesi Moreau [É.] 1881Synonym
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