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Cynoglossus bilineatus
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Cynoglossus bilineatus

(Lacepède 1802)

Cynoglossus bilineatus was originally described as Achirus bilineatus by Lacepède in 1802. It belongs to the family Cynoglossidae and subfamily Cynoglossinae. It is commonly known as Fourlined tonguesole but has many other common names such as Fourline tongue sole in Australia, Twoline tonguesole in USA (contiguous states), Ôshitabirame in Japan, Two-lined toungesole in Papua New Guinea, Dapa in Philippines, Dali-dali in Philippines. more common names It is found in Brackish and Salt water.
Species   bilineatus
AuthorWI   Lacepède [B. G. E.]
AuthorNI   Lacepède
Qualification   ---
Year   1802
Status   Valid
Osteichthyes Osteichthyes
Pleuronectiformes Pleuronectiformes
Family   Cynoglossidae
Cynoglossinae Cynoglossinae
Genus   Cynoglossus
Subgenus   ---

Class   Osteichthyes
Order   Pleuronectiformes
Family   Cynoglossidae
Subfamily   Cynoglossinae
Genus   Cynoglossus
Original Name   Achirus        
Taxon Name   bilineatus
Original Combination   Achirus bilineatus
Original Genus  
Original Genus Species   Achirus bilineatus
OriginalSubGenus   Achirus
Original Author   Lacepède
Original AuthorWI   Lacepède [B. G. E.]
Original Qualification   ---
Original Year   1802
Original Family  
Original SubFamily   Cynoglossinae
Original Level   species
Type Locality   China; East Indies [Indonesia].
Primary Code   ---
Page   659, 663

SubSpecies AuthorWI ---
Qualification SS ---

Current Subspecies AuthorWI ---

Current Genus Species Cynoglossus bilineatus
Current Species   bilineatus
Current Genus Cynoglossus
Current AuthorWI Lacepède [B. G. E.]
Current AuthorNI   Lacepède
Current Year   1802
Current Family Cynoglossidae
Current Subfamily
Cynoglossinae Cynoglossinae

Habitat brackish, marine.        
Water Brackish and Salt water
Depth Range From 10 to 400 meters.

Current Summary   Valid as Cynoglossus bilineatus  (Lacepède 1802). Cynoglossidae: Cynoglossinae.
Name History   •Valid as Arelia bilineata (Lacepède 1802) -- (Ochiai in Masuda et al. 1984:355 [ref. 6441], Nakabo 2000:1389 [ref. 25182], Nakabo 2002:1389 [ref. 26193], Ohashi & Motomura 2011:109 [ref. 32413]). •Valid as Cynoglossus bilineatus (Lacepède 1802) -- (Menon 1977:36 [ref. 7071], Kyushin et al. 1982:268 [ref. 19754], Lindberg & Fedorov 1993:208 [ref. 21500], Lindberg & Fedorov 1993:223 [ref. 21500], Li & Wang 1995:355 [ref. 16193], Randall 1995:363 [ref. 22896], Mohsin & Ambak 1996:600 [ref. 27969], Rainboth 1996:223 [ref. 22772], Larson & Williams 1997:374 [ref. 23967], Carpenter et al. 1997:232 [ref. 23922], Evseenko 1998:61 [ref. 23643], Johnson 1999:753 [ref. 25471], Munroe in Randall & Lim 2000:646 [ref. 25122], Hutchins 2001:47 [ref. 25847], Munroe 2001:3897 [ref. 26314], Manilo & Bogorodsky 2003:S123 [ref. 27377], Hoese & Bray 2006:1854 [ref. 29000], Ho et al. 2009:13 [ref. 31461] as billineatus, Kimura in Matsuura & Kimura 2009:323 [ref. 31170], Ho & Shao 2011:62 [ref. 31432], Larson et al. 2013:228 [ref. 32988], Yoshida et al. 2013:222 [ref. 34464], Fricke 2015:7 [ref. 33807], Imamura in Kimura et al. 2015:96 [ref. 34319], Fricke et al. 2017:83 [ref. 35160], Motomura et al. 2017:226 [ref. 35490], Ali et al. 2018:346 [ref. 36183], Fricke et al. 2018:374 [ref. 35805], Golani & Fricke 2018:176 [ref. 36273], Imamura in Kimura et al. 2018:300 [ref. 36460], Eagderi et al. 2019:122 [ref. 37020]).

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abbreviatus Cynoglossus abbreviatus (Gray [J. E.] 1834)Valid
abentoni Cynoglossus abentoni Stauch [A.] 1966Synonym
acaudatus Cynoglossus acaudatus Gilchrist [J. D. F.] 1906Valid
acinaces Cynoglossus acinaces Jenkins [J. T.] 1910Synonym
acutirostris Cynoglossus (Areliscus) acutirostris Norman [J. R.] 1939Synonym
acutirostris Cynoglossus acutirostris Norman [J. R.] 1939Valid
arel Cynoglossus arel (Bloch [M. E.] & Schneider [J. G.] 1801)Valid
attenuatus Cynoglossus attenuatus Gilchrist [J. D. F.] 1904Valid
aubentoni Cynoglossus aubentoni Stauch [A.] 1966Synonym
beauforti Cynoglossus beauforti Chabanaud [P.] 1951Synonym
bengalensis Cynoglossus bengalensis (Bleeker [P.] 1853)Synonym
borneensis Cynoglossus borneensis (Bleeker [P.] 1858)Synonym
brachycephalus Cynoglossus brachycephalus Bleeker [P.] 1870Valid
brachycephalus Cynoglossus brachycephalus Gilchrist [J. D. F.] 1904Synonym
brachyrhynchos Cynoglossus brachyrhynchos (Bleeker [P.] 1851)Synonym
brachyrhynchus Cynoglossus brachyrhynchus (Bleeker [P.] 1851)Synonym
brevirostris Cynoglossus brevirostris Day [F.] 1877Synonym
brevis Cynoglossus brevis Günther [A.] 1862Synonym
broadhursti Cynoglossus broadhursti Waite [E. R.] 1905Valid
browni Cynoglossus browni Chabanaud [P.] 1949Valid
brunneus Cynoglossus brunneus Regan [C. T.] 1905Synonym
buchanani Cynoglossus buchanani Day [F.] 1870Synonym
cadenati Cynoglossus cadenati Chabanaud [P.] 1947Valid
cadenati honoris Cynoglossus cadenati honoris Chabanaud [P.] 1949Synonym
canariensis Cynoglossus canariensis Steindachner [F.] 1882Valid
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