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Entosphenus kessleri
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Entosphenus kessleri

(Anikin 1905)

Entosphenus kessleri was originally described as Petromyzon kessleri by Anikin in 1905. It belongs to the family Petromyzontidae. It is found in Fresh, Brackish and Salt water.
Species   kessleri
AuthorWI   Anikin [V. P.]
AuthorNI   Anikin
Qualification   ---
Year   1905
Status   Synonym
Petromyzontida Petromyzontida
Petromyzontiformes Petromyzontiformes
Family   Petromyzontidae
--- ---
Genus   Entosphenus
Subgenus   ---

Class   Petromyzontida
Order   Petromyzontiformes
Family   Petromyzontidae
Genus   Entosphenus
Original Name   Petromyzon        
Taxon Name   kessleri
Original Combination   Petromyzon kessleri
Original Genus  
Original Genus Species   Petromyzon kessleri
OriginalSubGenus   Petromyzon
Original Author   Anikin
Original AuthorWI   Anikin [V. P.]
Original Qualification   ---
Original Year   1905
Original Family  
Original SubFamily   ---
Original Level   species
Type Locality   Tom River and mouth of Kirgizka River near Tomsk, Ob River system, western Siberia, Russia.
Types   Syntypes: (16) Tomsk State University 3698 (1), 3702 (1).
Primary Code   ---
Page   10

SubSpecies AuthorWI ---
Qualification SS ---

Current Subspecies AuthorWI ---

Current Genus Species Lethenteron kessleri
Current Species kessleri
Current Genus Lethenteron
Current AuthorWI Anikin [V. P.]
Current AuthorNI Anikin
Current Year 1905
Current Family Petromyzontidae
Current Subfamily
--- ---

Habitat freshwater, brackish, marine.        
Water Fresh, Brackish and Salt water

Current Summary   Synonym of Lethenteron kessleri  (Anikin 1905). Petromyzontidae.
Name History   •Synonym of Lampetra japonica (Martens 1868), but a valid subspecies -- (Berg 1948:40 [ref. 12882], Scott & Crossman 1998:59 [ref. 24570]). •Synonym of Lethenteron japonicum (Martens 1868) -- (Vladykov 1973:5 [ref. 7159]). •Valid as Lampetra kessleri (Anikin 1905) -- (Sato in Masuda et al. 1984:2 [ref. 6441], Kawanabe & Mizuno 1989:36 [ref. 25598]). •See Kottelat 2006:14 [ref. 28831]. •Synonym of Lethenteron reissneri (Dybowski 1869) -- (Kottelat 2006:13 [ref. 28831] with question, Parin et al. 2014:15 [ref. 33547]). •Valid as Lethenteron kessleri (Anikin 1905) -- (Holcík 1986:220 [ref. 24819], Yamazaki & Goto 1996:283 [ref. 22431], Chereshnev 1996:598 [ref. 24659], Yamazaki & Iwata 1997:51 [ref. 24065], Nikiforov et al. 1997:330 [ref. 24694], Reshetnikov et al. 1997:725 [ref. 24702], Reshetnikov 1998:18 [ref. 23570], Yamazaki & Goto 2000:8 [ref. 24514], Nakabo 2000:111 [ref. 25086], Matsuura et al. 2000:14 [ref. 26000], Chereshnev et al. 2001:30 [ref. 26736], Pietsch et al. 2001:138 [ref. 25688], Bogutskaya et al. 2001:42 [ref. 26178], Nakabo 2002:111 [ref. 26001], Sotnikov & Solov'ef 2002:838 [ref. 26576], Yamazaki et al. 2003:592 [ref. 27883] with author as Anckin, Bogutskaya & Naseka 2004:20 [ref. 28183], Naseka et al. 2009:17 [ref. 30402], Lang et al. 2009:48 [ref. 31599], Renaud 2011:72 [ref. 31770], Mateus et al. 2013:46 [ref. 32714], Romanov et al. 2017:820 [ref. 35687]).

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epihexodon Entosphenus epihexodon Gill [T. N.] 1862Synonym
folletti Entosphenus folletti Vladykov [V. D.] & Kott [E.] 1976Valid
hubbsi Entosphenus hubbsi Vladykov [V. D.] & Kott [E.] 1976Synonym
japonicus Entosphenus japonicus (Martens [E. von] 1868)Synonym
lethophagus Entosphenus lethophagus (Hubbs [C. L.] 1971)Valid
macrostomus Entosphenus macrostomus (Beamish [R. J.] 1982)Synonym
minimus Entosphenus minimus (Bond [C. E.] & Kan [T. T.] 1973)Valid
reissneri Entosphenus reissneri (Dybowski [B. N.] 1869)Synonym
similis Entosphenus similis Vladykov [V. D.] & Kott [E.] 1979Valid
tridentatus Entosphenus tridentatus (Richardson [J.] (ex Gairdner) 1836)Valid
tridentatus ciliatus Entosphenus tridentatus ciliatus Ayres [W. O.] 1855Synonym
tridentatus tridentatus Entosphenus tridentatus tridentatus (Richardson [J.] (ex Gairdner) 1837)Synonym
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