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Epinephelus melanostigma
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Epinephelus melanostigma


Epinephelus melanostigma was originally described as Epinephelus melanostigma by Schultz in 1953. It belongs to the family Serranidae and subfamily Epinephelinae. It is commonly known as One-blotch grouper but has many other common names such as Oneblotch grouper in Australia, Sumitsukihata in Japan, Lapu-lapu in Philippines, Eenkol-klipkabeljou in South Africa, Garoupa espaldar in Mozambique. more common names It is found in Salt water.
Species   melanostigma
AuthorWI   Schultz [L. P.]
AuthorNI   Schultz
Qualification   in Schultz et al.
Year   1953
Status   Valid
Osteichthyes Osteichthyes
Perciformes Perciformes
Family   Serranidae
Epinephelinae Epinephelinae
Genus   Epinephelus
Subgenus   ---

Class   Osteichthyes
Order   Perciformes
Family   Serranidae
Subfamily   Epinephelinae
Genus   Epinephelus
Original Name   Epinephelus        
Taxon Name   melanostigma
Original Combination   Epinephelus melanostigma
Original Genus  
Original Genus Species   Epinephelus melanostigma
OriginalSubGenus   Epinephelus
Original Author   Schultz
Original AuthorWI   Schultz [L. P.]
Original Qualification   in Schultz et al.
Original Year   1953
Original Family  
Original SubFamily   Epinephelinae
Original Level   species
Type Locality   Reef off Swains Island, American Samoa.
Types   Paratypes: BMNH 1962.12.12.52 [ex USNM 115385] (1); FMNH 62614 [ex USNM 148966] (2); SAIAB [formerly RUSI] 18870 [ex USNM 148966] (2); USNM 115374 (4), 115376 (18, ? now 17), 115385 (6, now 5), 148965 (5), 148966 (18, now 14), 148967-68 (2, 1).
Type Catalogue   Type catalog: Ibarra & Stewart 1987:35 [ref. 12367].
Primary Code   Holotype
Primary Type   USNM 115375
Journal   Bull. U. S. Natl. Mus.
Citation   No. 202, v. 1
Page   348
Illustrations   Fig. 54

SubSpecies AuthorWI ---
Qualification SS ---

Current Subspecies AuthorWI ---

Current Genus Species Epinephelus melanostigma
Current Species   melanostigma
Current Genus Epinephelus
Current AuthorWI Schultz [L. P.]
Current AuthorNI   Schultz
Current Year   1953
Current Family Serranidae
Current Subfamily
Epinephelinae Epinephelinae

Habitat Marine.        
Water Salt water
Habitat Notes Reported to be taken in a trawl, thus presumably caught somewhat deeper than 7 m. Also reported to occur in reefs at a depth of about 30 m (Ref. 5213). Because of its small size and apparent rarity, it is of little or no commercial importance.
Depth Range From 0 to 30 meters.

Current Summary   Valid as Epinephelus melanostigma  Schultz 1953. Serranidae: Epinephelinae.
Name History   •Valid as Epinephelus melanostigma Schultz 1953 -- (Katayama in Masuda et al. 1984:130 [ref. 6441], Heemstra & Randall 1986:528 [ref. 5667], Paxton et al. 1989:496 [ref. 12442], Lee 1990:49 [ref. 19830], Randall & Heemstra 1991:202 [ref. 19601], Heemstra & Randall 1993:189 [ref. 21042], Myers 1999:115 [ref. 23965], Fricke 1999:193 [ref. 24106], Heemstra & Randall 1999:2544 [ref. 24815], Nakabo 2000:725 [ref. 25086], Randall in Randall & Lim 2000:609 [ref. 25122], Hutchins 2001:262 [ref. 25841], Hutchins 2001:30 [ref. 25847], Nakabo 2002:725 [ref. 26001], Allen & Adrim 2003:31 [ref. 26830], Randall 2005:160 [ref. 28239], Hoese et al. 2006:1014 [ref. 28999], Fricke et al. 2009:46 [ref. 30213], Motomura et al. 2010:98 [ref. 31256], Craig et al. 2011:188 [ref. 31786], Allen & Erdmann 2012:276 [ref. 31980], Fricke et al. 2014:61 [ref. 33932], Koeda et al. 2016:27 [ref. 35333], Fricke et al. 2018:150 [ref. 35805], Ma & Craig 2018:455 [ref. 36100], Fricke et al. 2019:118 [ref. 36673]).

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erythraeus Epinephelus erythraeus (Bloch [M. E.] & Schneider [J. G.] 1801)Synonym
erythrogaster Epinephelus erythrogaster (DeKay [J. E.] 1842)Synonym
erythrurus Epinephelus erythrurus (Valenciennes [A.] in Cuvier & Valenciennes 1828)Valid
esonue Epinephelus esonue (Ehrenbaum [E.] 1915)Synonym
estuarius Epinephelus estuarius (Macleay [W.] 1883)Uncertain
exsul Epinephelus exsul (Fowler [H. W.] 1944)Synonym
fario Epinephelus fario (Thunberg [C. P.] 1793)Uncertain
fasciatomaculatus Epinephelus fasciatomaculatus (Peters [W. C. H.] 1865)Synonym
fasciatomaculosus Epinephelus fasciatomaculosus (Peters [W. C. H.] 1865)Valid
fasciatus Epinephelus fasciatus (Forsskål [P. S.] 1775)Valid
faveatus Epinephelus faveatus (Valenciennes [A.] in Cuvier & Valenciennes 1828)Valid
fimbriatus Epinephelus fimbriatus (Lowe [R. T.] 1838)Synonym
flavicauda Epinephelus flavicauda (Gill [T. N.] 1861)Synonym
flavocaeruleus Epinephelus flavocaeruleus (Lacepède [B. G. E.] (ex Commerson) 1802)Valid
flavocoeruleum xanthometopon Epinephelus flavocoeruleum xanthometopon Bleeker [P.] 1871Synonym
flavocoeruleus Epinephelus flavocoeruleus Lacepède [B. G. E.] (ex Commerson) 1802Synonym
flavoguttatus Epinephelus flavoguttatus (Peters [W. C. H.] 1855)Synonym
flavolimbatus Epinephelus flavolimbatus Poey [F.] 1865Synonym
flavopurpureus Epinephelus flavopurpureus (Bennett [J. W.] 1830)Synonym
forskael Epinephelus forskael (Lacepède [B. G. E.] 1802)In family
forsythi Epinephelus forsythi Whitley [G. P.] 1937Synonym
fulva Epinephelus fulva (Linnaeus [C.] 1758)Synonym
fulvus Epinephelus fulvus (Linnaeus [C.] 1758)Synonym
fuscoguttatus Epinephelus fuscoguttatus (Forsskål [P. S.] 1775)Valid
fuscomarginatus Epinephelus fuscomarginatus Johnson [J. W.] & Worthington Wilmer [J.] 2019Valid
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