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Erythrocles monodi
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Erythrocles monodi

Poll & Cadenat

Erythrocles monodi was originally described as Erythrocles monodi by Poll & Cadenat in 1954. It belongs to the family Emmelichthyidae. It is commonly known as Atlantic rubyfish but has many other common names such as in USA (contiguous states) as crimson rover, in France as Poisson rubis, in Poland as Krasniak, in Portugal as Peixe-rubi-do-Atlântico, in Spain as Conoro. more common names It is found in Salt water and its distribution is Western and eastern Atlantic.
Species   monodi
AuthorWI   Poll [M.] & Cadenat [J.]
AuthorNI   Poll & Cadenat
Qualification   ---
Year   1954
Status   Valid
Osteichthyes Osteichthyes
Acanthuriformes Acanthuriformes
Family   Emmelichthyidae
--- ---
Genus   Erythrocles
Subgenus   ---

Class   Osteichthyes
Order   Acanthuriformes
Family   Emmelichthyidae
Genus   Erythrocles
Original Name   Erythrocles        
Taxon Name   monodi
Original Combination   Erythrocles monodi
Original Genus  
Original Genus Species   Erythrocles monodi
OriginalSubGenus   Erythrocles
Original Author   Poll & Cadenat
Original AuthorWI   Poll [M.] & Cadenat [J.]
Original Qualification   ---
Original Year   1954
Original Family  
Original SubFamily   ---
Original Level   species
Type Locality   Atlantic, 5°42'S, 11°31'E, depth 230-250 meters.
Types   Paratypes: IFAN (6), IRSNB 208-213 (1, 2, 2, 1, 1, 2), MARC 95572-75 (1, 1, 1, 1), MHNLR (5).
Type Catalogue   Type catalog: Walschaerts 1987:26 [ref. 20755], Derijst 1991:40 [ref. 21528].
Primary Code   Holotype
Primary Type   IRSNB 207
Journal   Bull. Inst. R. Sci. Nat. Belg.
Citation   v. 30 (no. 22)
Page   1
Illustrations   Fig. 1

SubSpecies AuthorWI   ---
Qualification SS   ---

Original QualificationSS   ---

Current Subspecies AuthorWI   ---

Current Genus Species   Erythrocles monodi
Current Species   monodi
Current Genus   Erythrocles
Current AuthorWI   Poll [M.] & Cadenat [J.]
Current AuthorNI   Poll & Cadenat
Current Year   1954
Current Family   Emmelichthyidae
Current Subfamily  
--- ---

Habitat   pelagic        
Water   Salt water
Habitat Notes   Adults occur near the bottom. Feeds on larger zooplankton. Excellent foodfish. Marketed fresh or frozen and also used for fishmeal and oil.
Depth Range   From 90 to 300 meters.
Distribution   Western and eastern Atlantic.

Current Summary   Valid as Erythrocles monodi  Poll & Cadenat 1954. Emmelichthyidae.
Name History   • Valid as Erythrocles monodi  Poll & Cadenat 1954 -- (Heemstra & Randall 1977:376 [ref. 7057], Robins & Ray 1986:167 [ref. 23100], Heemstra 1990:767 [ref. 18769], Cervigón 1992:309 [ref. 23827], Cervigón 1993:119 [ref. 24474], Miyahara & Okamura 1998:88 [ref. 23345], Afonso et al. 1999:74 [ref. 25466], Casamajor et al. 2000:303 [ref. 25057], Heemstra 2003:1477 [ref. 27090], Nelson et al. 2004:142 [ref. 27807], McEachran & Fechhelm 2005:316 [ref. 28815], Wirtz et al. 2007:33 [ref. 30263], Page et al. 2013:146 [ref. 32708]).

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acarina Erythrocles acarina Kotthaus [A.] 1974Valid
microceps Erythrocles microceps Miyahara [H.] & Okamura [O.] 1998Valid
schlegeli Erythrocles schlegeli (Richardson [J.] 1846)Spelling
schlegelii Erythrocles schlegelii (Richardson [J.] 1846)Valid
scintillans Erythrocles scintillans (Jordan [D. S.] & Thompson [W. F.] 1912)Valid
taeniatus Erythrocles taeniatus Randall [J. E.] & Rivaton [J.] 1992Valid
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