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Etmopterus bullisi
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Etmopterus bullisi

Bigelow & Schroeder

Etmopterus bullisi was originally described as Etmopterus bullisi by Bigelow & Schroeder in 1957. It belongs to the family Etmopteridae. It is commonly known as Lined lanternshark and is known Sagre chien in France, Tollo lucero rayado in Spain, Lined lanternshark in United Kingdom. more common names It is found in Salt water.
Species   bullisi
AuthorWI   Bigelow [H. B.] & Schroeder [W. C.]
AuthorNI   Bigelow & Schroeder
Qualification   ---
Year   1957
Status   Valid
Chondrichthyes Chondrichthyes
Squaliformes Squaliformes
Family   Etmopteridae
--- ---
Genus   Etmopterus
Subgenus   ---

Class   Chondrichthyes
Order   Squaliformes
Family   Etmopteridae
Genus   Etmopterus
Original Name   Etmopterus        
Taxon Name   bullisi
Original Combination   Etmopterus bullisi
Original Genus  
Original Genus Species   Etmopterus bullisi
OriginalSubGenus   Etmopterus
Original Author   Bigelow & Schroeder
Original AuthorWI   Bigelow [H. B.] & Schroeder [W. C.]
Original Qualification   ---
Original Year   1957
Original Family  
Original SubFamily   ---
Original Level   species
Type Locality   Off northeastern coast of Florida, 30°02'N, 80°05'W, Pelecan station 42, depth 205 fathoms.
Types   Paratypes: MCZ 39725 (1), 2 apparently lost or not saved.
Type Catalogue   Type catalog: Howe & Springer 1993:4-5 [ref. 21812].
Primary Code   Holotype
Primary Type   USNM 158186
Journal   Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool.
Citation   v. 117 (no. 1)
Page   50
Illustrations   Figs. 5A-D; Pl. 2

SubSpecies AuthorWI ---
Qualification SS ---

Current Subspecies AuthorWI ---

Current Genus Species Etmopterus bullisi
Current Species bullisi
Current Genus Etmopterus
Current AuthorWI Bigelow [H. B.] & Schroeder [W. C.]
Current AuthorNI Bigelow & Schroeder
Current Year 1957
Current Family Etmopteridae
Current Subfamily
--- ---

Habitat Marine.        
Water Salt water
Habitat Notes Found on the continental slopes at about 366 m depth. Length given comes from an immature specimen.
Depth Range From 0 to 375 meters.

Current Summary   Valid as Etmopterus bullisi  Bigelow & Schroeder 1957. Etmopteridae.
Name History   •Valid as Etmopterus bullisi Bigelow & Schroeder 1957 -- (Compagno 1984:74 [ref. 6474], Springer & Burgess 1985:584 [ref. 6785], Yamakawa et al. 1986:197 [ref. 5729], Castro-Aguirre & Garcia-Dominguez 1988:102 [ref. 19199], McEachran & Fechhelm 1998:115 [ref. 23897], Compagno 1999:473 [ref. 25589], Last et al. 2002:203 [ref. 26556], Compagno 2003:398 [ref. 26984], Kiraly et al. 2003:4 [ref. 28226], Espinosa Pérez et al. 2004:97 [ref. 27705], Castro 2011:101 [ref. 31457], Del Moral-Flores et al. 2016:61 [ref. 34398], Weigmann 2016:58 [ref. 34211], Ebert et al. 2016:10 [ref. 34753], Ebert et al. 2017:380 [ref. 35167], Ehemann et al. 2018:23 [ref. 36194], Ebert & Van Hees 2018:207 [ref. 36261]).

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abernethyi Etmopterus abernethyi Garrick [J. A. F.] 1957Synonym
aculeatus Etmopterus aculeatus Rafinesque [C. S.] 1810Synonym
alphus Etmopterus alphus Ebert [D. A.], Straube [N.], Leslie [R. W.] & Weigmann [S.] 2016Valid
baxteri Etmopterus baxteri Garrick [J. A. F.] 1957Synonym
benchleyi Etmopterus benchleyi Vásquez [V. E.], Ebert [D. A.] & Long [D. J.] 2015Valid
bigelowi Etmopterus bigelowi Shirai [S.] & Tachikawa [H.] 1993Valid
brachyurus Etmopterus brachyurus Smith [H. M.] & Radcliffe [L.] in Smith 1912Valid
brosei Etmopterus brosei --- 2021Valid
burgessi Etmopterus burgessi Schaaf-Da Silva [J. A.] & Ebert [D. A.] 2006Valid
carteri Etmopterus carteri Springer [S.] & Burgess [G. H.] 1985Valid
caudistigmus Etmopterus caudistigmus Last [P. R.], Burgess [G. H.] & Séret [B.] 2002Valid
compagnoi Etmopterus compagnoi Fricke [R.] & Koch [I.] 1990Valid
decacuspidatus Etmopterus decacuspidatus Chan [W. L.] 1966Valid
dianthus Etmopterus dianthus Last [P. R.], Burgess [G. H.] & Séret [B.] 2002Valid
dislineatus Etmopterus dislineatus Last [P. R.], Burgess [G. H.] & Séret [B.] 2002Valid
evansi Etmopterus evansi Last [P. R.], Burgess [G. H.] & Séret [B.] 2002Valid
frontimaculatus Etmopterus frontimaculatus Pietschmann [V.] 1907Synonym
fusus Etmopterus fusus Last [P. R.], Burgess [G. H.] & Séret [B.] 2002Valid
gracilispinis Etmopterus gracilispinis Krefft [G.] 1968Valid
granulosus Etmopterus granulosus (Günther [A.] 1880)Valid
gunneri Etmopterus gunneri (Reinhardt [J. C. H.] 1825)Synonym
hillianus Etmopterus hillianus (Poey [F.] 1861)Valid
infernus Etmopterus infernus (Blainville [H. de] 1825)Synonym
joungi Etmopterus joungi Knuckey [J. D. S.], Ebert [D. A.] & Burgess [G. H.] 2011Valid
lailae Etmopterus lailae Ebert [D. A.], Papastamatiou [Y. P.], Kajiura [S. M.] & Wetherbee [B. M.] 2017Valid
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