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Ilisha fuerthii
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Ilisha fuerthii

(Steindachner 1875)

Ilisha fuerthii was originally described as Pellona fuerthii by Steindachner in 1875. It belongs to the family Pristigasteridae. It is commonly known as hatchet herring but has many other common names such as hatchet herring in USA (contiguous states), Machete in Ecuador, Alose lame in France, Machete in Peru, Sardineta del Pacífico in Spain, Sardineta chata in Spain. more common names It is found in Brackish and Salt water.
Species   fuerthii
AuthorWI   Steindachner [F.]
AuthorNI   Steindachner
Qualification   ---
Year   1875
Status   Valid
Osteichthyes Osteichthyes
Clupeiformes Clupeiformes
Family   Pristigasteridae
--- ---
Genus   Ilisha
Subgenus   ---

Class   Osteichthyes
Order   Clupeiformes
Family   Pristigasteridae
Genus   Ilisha
Original Name   Pellona        
Taxon Name   fuerthii
Original Combination   Pellona fuerthii
Original Genus  
Original Genus Species   Pellona fuerthii
OriginalSubGenus   Pellona
Original Author   Steindachner
Original AuthorWI   Steindachner [F.]
Original Qualification   ---
Original Year   1875
Original Family  
Original SubFamily   ---
Original Level   species
Type Locality   Panama Bay.
Type Catalogue   Type information and lectotype designation: Whitehead 1970:22 [ref. 11605].
Primary Code   Lectotype
Primary Type   NMW 1110
Page   388 [14]

SubSpecies AuthorWI ---
Qualification SS ---

Current Subspecies AuthorWI ---

Current Genus Species Ilisha fuerthii
Current Species   fuerthii
Current Genus Ilisha
Current AuthorWI Steindachner [F.]
Current AuthorNI   Steindachner
Current Year   1875
Current Family Pristigasteridae
Current Subfamily
--- ---

Habitat brackish, marine.        
Water Brackish and Salt water

Current Summary   Valid as Ilisha fuerthii  (Steindachner 1875). Pristigasteridae.
Name History   •Valid as Ilisha furthii (Steindachner 1875) -- (Whitehead 1985:267 [ref. 5141], Allen & Robertson 1994:61 [ref. 22193], Bussing & López S. 1994:46 [ref. 23101], Whitehead & Rodriguez-Sánchez in Fischer et al. 1995:1412 [ref. 22830] as furthi, McMahan et al. 2013:443 [ref. 32422], Page et al. 2013:65 [ref. 32708]). •Valid as Ilisha fuerthii (Steindachner 1875) -- (Chirichigno F. & Vélez D. 1998:182 [ref. 24555] as fürthii, Castro-Aguirre et al. 1999:119 [ref. 24550] as fuerthi, Nelson et al. 2004:66 [ref. 27807], Barriga S. 2014:104 [ref. 35745] as fuerthi, González-Murcia et al. 2019:290 [ref. 36544]).

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abnormis Ilisha abnormis Richardson [J.] (ex Gray) 1846Synonym
affinis Ilisha affinis (Gray [J. E.] 1830)Synonym
africana Ilisha africana (Bloch [M. E.] 1795)Valid
amazonica Ilisha amazonica (Miranda Ribeiro [A. de] 1920)Valid
amblyuroptera Ilisha amblyuroptera (Bleeker [P.] 1852)Synonym
amblyuropterus Ilisha amblyuropterus (Bleeker [P.] 1852)Synonym
apapae Ilisha apapae Hildebrand [S. F.] 1948Synonym
argentata Ilisha argentata Meek [S. E.] & Hildebrand [S. F.] 1923Synonym
bleekeri Ilisha bleekeri Bertin [L.] 1941Synonym
brachysoma Ilisha brachysoma (Bleeker [P.] 1852)Synonym
caribbaea Ilisha caribbaea Meek [S. E.] & Hildebrand [S. F.] 1923Synonym
caribbea Ilisha caribbea Meek [S. E.] & Hildebrand [S. F.] 1923Synonym
chinensis Ilisha chinensis (Basilewsky [S.] 1855)Synonym
compressa Ilisha compressa Randall [J. E.] 1994Valid
deauratus Ilisha deauratus Nakashima [S.] 1941Synonym
desuratus Ilisha desuratus Nakashima [S.] 1941Synonym
ditchoa Ilisha ditchoa (Valenciennes [A.] in Cuvier & Valenciennes 1847)Synonym
dolloi Ilisha dolloi (Boulenger [G. A.] 1902)Synonym
dussumieri Ilisha dussumieri (Valenciennes [A.] in Cuvier & Valenciennes 1847)Synonym
elongata Ilisha elongata (Anonymous [Bennett [E. T.]] 1830)Valid
filigera Ilisha filigera (Valenciennes [A.] in Cuvier & Valenciennes 1847)Valid
furthi Ilisha furthi (Steindachner [F.] 1875)Synonym
furthii Ilisha furthii (Steindachner [F.] 1875)Synonym
gabonica Ilisha gabonica (Duméril [A. H. A.] 1861)Synonym
grayana Ilisha grayana (Valenciennes [A.] in Cuvier & Valenciennes 1847)Synonym
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