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Lepadogaster adriatica
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Lepadogaster adriatica


Lepadogaster adriatica was originally described as Lepadogaster adriatica by Hankó in 1920-21. It belongs to the family Gobiesocidae and subfamily Lepadogastrinae. It is found in Brackish and Salt water.
Species   adriatica
AuthorWI   Hankó [B.]
AuthorNI   Hankó
Qualification   ---
Year   1920-21
Status   Synonym
Osteichthyes Osteichthyes
Gobiesociformes Gobiesociformes
Family   Gobiesocidae
Lepadogastrinae Lepadogastrinae
Genus   Lepadogaster
Subgenus   ---

Class   Osteichthyes
Order   Gobiesociformes
Family   Gobiesocidae
Subfamily   Lepadogastrinae
Genus   Lepadogaster
Original Name   Lepadogaster        
Taxon Name   adriatica
Original Combination   Lepadogaster adriatica
Original Genus  
Original Genus Species   Lepadogaster adriatica
OriginalSubGenus   Lepadogaster
Original Author   Hankó
Original AuthorWI   Hankó [B.]
Original Qualification   ---
Original Year   1920-21
Original Family  
Original SubFamily   Lepadogastrinae
Original Level   species
Type Locality   Northern Adriatic Sea (Mediterranean Sea).
Types   Syntypes: (26) Hungarian Natl. Mus.
Primary Code   ---
Journal   Ann. Mus. Nat. Hungarici
Citation   v. 18
Page   177

SubSpecies AuthorWI ---
Qualification SS ---

Current Subspecies AuthorWI ---

Current Genus Species Lepadogaster lepadogaster
Current Species   lepadogaster
Current Genus Lepadogaster
Current AuthorWI Walbaum [J. J.]
Current AuthorNI   Walbaum
Current Year   1788
Current Family Gobiesocidae
Current Subfamily
Lepadogastrinae Lepadogastrinae

Habitat brackish, marine.        
Water Brackish and Salt water

Current Summary   Synonym of Lepadogaster lepadogaster  (Bonnaterre 1788). Gobiesocidae: Lepadogastrinae.
Name History   •Synonym of Lepadogaster lepadogaster (Bonnaterre 1788) -- (Briggs 1955:34 [ref. 637] with question, Briggs 1973:654 [ref. 7222], Hofrichter 1995:112 [ref. 30502]).

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acutus Lepadogaster acutus Canestrini [G.] 1864Synonym
adherens Lepadogaster adhaerens Bonaparte [C. L.] 1846Synonym
adherens Lepadogaster adherens (Rafinesque [C. S.] 1810)Synonym
balbis Lepadogaster balbis Risso [A.] 1810Synonym
biciliatus Lepadogaster biciliatus Risso [A.] 1827Synonym
bimaculatus Lepadogaster bimaculatus (Gosse [P. H.] 1855-56)In family
bitentaculatus Lepadogaster bitentaculatus Valenciennes [A.] 1843Synonym
bitentaculus Lepadogaster bitentaculus Valenciennes [A.] 1843Synonym
brownii Lepadogaster brownii Risso [A.] 1827Synonym
candolii Lepadogaster candolii Risso [A.] 1810Valid
candollei Lepadogaster candollei Risso [A.] 1810Synonym
candollii Lepadogaster candollii Risso [A.] 1810Synonym
cephalus Lepadogaster cephalus Thompson [W.] 1839Synonym
chupasangue Lepadogaster chupasangue Yarrell [W.] 1859Synonym
ciliatus Lepadogaster ciliatus Risso [A.] 1820Synonym
cornubicus Lepadogaster cornubicus (Shaw [G.] 1804)In family
cornubiensis Lepadogaster cornubiensis Fleming [J.] 1828Synonym
couchii Lepadogaster couchii (Saville-Kent [W.] 1883)Synonym
decandollei Lepadogaster decandollei Risso [A.] 1827Synonym
decandollii Lepadogaster decandollii Risso [A.] 1827Synonym
dentatus Lepadogaster dentatus Facciolà [L.] 1887Synonym
desfontanii Lepadogaster desfontanii Risso [A.] 1827Synonym
elegans Lepadogaster elegans Nardo [G. D.] 1860Synonym
gouani Lepadogaster gouani Walbaum [J. J.] 1792Synonym
gouanii Lepadogaster gouanii Risso [A.] 1810Synonym
jussieui Lepadogaster jussieui Risso [A.] 1827Synonym
latirostris Lepadogaster latirostris Costa [O. G.] 1840Synonym
lepadogaster Lepadogaster lepadogaster (Bonnaterre [J. P.] (ex Goüan) 1788)Valid
lepadogaster Lepadogaster lepadogaster (Walbaum [J. J.] 1792)Valid
lepadogaster purpurea Lepadogaster lepadogaster purpurea Bonnaterre [J. P.] (ex Boriase) 1788Synonym
Lepadogaster purpureus Lepadogaster Lepadogaster purpureus Bonnaterre [J. P.] (ex Boriase) 1788Synonym
lineatus Lepadogaster lineatus Guichenot [A.] 1850Synonym
listellus Lepadogaster listellus Nardo [G. D.] (ex Chiereghini) 1847Synonym
maculatus Lepadogaster maculatus Guichenot [A.] 1850Synonym
maeandricus Lepadogaster maeandricus Girard [C. F.] 1858Synonym
microcephalus Lepadogaster microcephalus Brook [G.] 1890Synonym
microcephalus bacescui Lepadogaster microcephalus bacescui (Murgoci [A. A.] 1940)Synonym
minima Kopua minima Döderlein [L.] in Steindachner & Döderlein 1887Valid
minimus Lepadogaster minimus Döderlein [L.] in Steindachner & Döderlein 1887Synonym
mirbeli Lepadogaster mirbeli Risso [A.] 1820Synonym
natator Lepadogaster natator Risso [A.] 1820Synonym
norvegicus Lepadogaster norvegicus Düben [M. W. von] 1845Synonym
ocellatus Lepadogaster ocellatus (Donovan [E.] 1806)Synonym
ocellatus Lepadogaster ocellatus Risso [A.] 1810Synonym
olivaceus Lepadogaster olivaceus Risso [A.] 1810Synonym
ottaviani Lepadogaster ottaviani Cocco [A.] 1840Synonym
pellegrini Lepadogaster (Mirbelia) pellegrini Chabanaud [P.] 1925Synonym
pellegrini Lepadogaster pellegrini Chabanaud [P.] 1925Synonym
piger Lepadogaster piger Nardo [G. D.] 1827Synonym
pinnulatus Lepadogaster pinnulatus Forster [J. R.] in Bloch & Schneider 1801Synonym
punctatus Lepadogaster punctatus Guichenot [A.] 1850Synonym
puniceus Lepadogaster puniceus Richardson [J.] 1846Synonym
purpurea Lepadogaster purpurea (Bonnaterre [J. P.] (ex Boriase) 1788)Valid
rafinesqui Lepadogaster rafinesqui Costa [O. G.] 1840Synonym
raninus Lepadogaster raninus Nardo [G. D.] (ex Chiereghini) 1847Synonym
reticulatus Lepadogaster reticulatus Risso [A.] 1810Synonym
reticulatus Lepadogaster reticulatus Girard [C. F.] 1854Synonym
rostratus Lepadogaster rostratus Bloch [M. E.] & Schneider [J. G.] 1801Synonym
ruber Lepadogaster ruber Plucàr [E.] 1846Synonym
spathulata Lepadogaster spathulata (Lacepède [B. G. E.] 1832)Synonym
spatula Lepadogaster spatula (Cloquet [H.] 1818)Synonym
stictopteryx Lepadogaster stictopteryx Holt [E. W. L.] & Byrne [L. W.] 1899Synonym
testar Lepadogaster testar Bloch [M. E.] & Schneider [J. G.] 1801Synonym
urifasciatus Lepadogaster urifasciatus Costa [O. G.] 1840Synonym
webbianus Lepadogaster webbianus Valenciennes [A.] 1843Synonym
willdenowi Lepadogaster willdenowi Risso [A.] 1810Synonym
zebrina Lepadogaster zebrina Lowe [R. T.] 1839Synonym
zebrinus Lepadogaster zebrinus Lowe [R. T.] 1839Synonym
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