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Macrurus armatus
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Macrurus armatus


Macrurus armatus was originally described as Macrurus armatus by Hector in 1875. It belongs to the family Macrouridae. It is found in Salt water and its distribution is Worldwide in tropical and temperate waters.
Species   armatus
AuthorWI   Hector [J.]
AuthorNI   Hector
Qualification   ---
Year   1875
Status   Synonym
Osteichthyes Osteichthyes
Gadiformes Gadiformes
Family   Macrouridae
--- ---
Genus   Macrurus
Subgenus   ---

Class   Osteichthyes
Order   Gadiformes
Family   Macrouridae
Genus   Macrurus
Original Name   Macrurus        
Taxon Name   armatus
Original Combination   Macrurus armatus
Original Genus  
Original Genus Species   Macrurus armatus
OriginalSubGenus   Macrurus
Original Author   Hector
Original AuthorWI   Hector [J.]
Original Qualification   ---
Original Year   1875
Original Family  
Original SubFamily   ---
Original Level   species
Type Locality   About 200 miles west of Cape Farewell, New Zealand, depth 400 fathoms.
Primary Code   Holotype (unique)
Primary Type   BMNH 1982.6.8.1 [ex New Zeland Inst.]
Journal   Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (Ser. 4)
Citation   v. 15 (no. 85)
Page   81

SubSpecies AuthorWI   ---
Qualification SS   ---

Original QualificationSS   ---

Current Subspecies AuthorWI   ---

Current Genus Species   Coryphaenoides armatus
Current Species   armatus
Current Genus   Coryphaenoides
Current AuthorWI   Hector [J.]
Current AuthorNI   Hector
Current Year   1875
Current Family   Macrouridae
Current Subfamily  
--- ---

Water   Salt water
Distribution   Worldwide in tropical and temperate waters.

Current Summary   Synonym of Coryphaenoides armatus  (Hector 1875). Macrouridae: Macrourinae.
Name History   • Valid as Nematonurus armatus  (Hector 1875) -- (Marshall 1973:297 [ref. 7194], Geistdoerfer in Whitehead et al. 1986:668 [ref. 13676], Paulin et al. 1989:129 [ref. 24556], McAllister 1990:123 [ref. 14674], Geistdoerfer 1990:556 [ref. 16195], Santos et al. 1997:57 [ref. 23531], Arruda 1997:68 [ref. 24952]). • Valid as Coryphaenoides armatus  (Hector 1875) -- (Iwamoto & Stein 1974:27 [ref. 7509], Iwamoto 1986:334 [ref. 5674], Iwamoto & Sazonov 1988:72 [ref. 6228], Paxton et al. 1989:326 [ref. 12442], Pequeño 1989:45 [ref. 14125], Iwamoto in Cohen et al. 1990:205 [ref. 18936], Endo & Okamura 1992:433 [ref. 19773], Iwamoto & Schneider in Fischer et al. 1995:1261 [ref. 22830], Shcherbachev & Iwamoto 1995:287 [ref. 22071], McMillan 1999:486 [ref. 23975], Nakabo 2000:427 [ref. 25086], Sheiko & Fedorov 2000:23 [ref. 25650], Mecklenburg et al. 2002:275 [ref. 25968], Iwamoto & McCosker 2001:27 [ref. 25777], Nakabo 2002:427 [ref. 26001], Iwamoto 2003:987 [ref. 27010], Moore et al. 2003:209 [ref. 27076], Iwamoto et al. 2004:196 [ref. 27643], Mundy 2005:250 [ref. 28379], Duhamel et al. 2005:248 [ref. 32059], Castellanos-Galindo et al. 2006:195 [ref. 28944], Fujii et al. 2010:512 [ref. 30881], McCosker & Rosenblatt 2010:189 [ref. 30957], Møller et al. 2010:36 [ref. 31169]).

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acrolepis Macrurus acrolepis Bean [T. H.] 1884Synonym
aequalis Macrurus aequalis (Günther [A.] 1878)Synonym
affinis Macrurus affinis Vaillant [L. L.] 1888Not available
anguliceps Macrurus anguliceps Garman [S.] 1899Synonym
asper Macrurus asper Goode [G. B.] & Bean [T. H.] 1883Synonym
australis Macrurus australis (Richardson [J.] 1839)Synonym
bairdii Macrurus bairdii Goode [G. B.] & Bean [T. H.] 1877Synonym
barbiger Macrurus barbiger Garman [S.] 1899Synonym
boops Macrurus boops Garman [S.] 1899Synonym
brevirostris Macrurus brevirostris Alcock [A. W.] 1889Synonym
bucephalus Macrurus bucephalus Garman [S.] 1899Synonym
bulbiceps Macrurus bulbiceps Garman [S.] 1899Synonym
canus Macrurus canus Garman [S.] 1899Synonym
capito Macrurus capito Garman [S.] 1899Synonym
capito vagrans Macrurus capito vagrans Garman [S.] 1899Synonym
carapinus Macrurus carapinus (Goode [G. B.] & Bean [T. H.] 1883)Synonym
caribbaeus Macrurus caribbaeus Goode [G. B.] & Bean [T. H.] 1885Synonym
carinatus Macrurus carinatus (Günther [A.] 1878)Synonym
carminatus Macrurus carminatus (Goode [G. B.] 1880)Synonym
carminifer Macrurus carminifer Garman [S.] 1899Synonym
caudani Macrurus caudani Köhler [R.] 1896Synonym
cinereus Macrurus cinereus Gilbert [C. H.] 1896Synonym
convergens Macrurus convergens Garman [S.] 1899Synonym
cuspidatus Macrurus cuspidatus Garman [S.] 1899Synonym
cyclolepis Macrurus cyclolepis (Gilbert [C. H.] 1896)Synonym
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