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Muraenichthys erythraeensis
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Muraenichthys erythraeensis

Bauchot & Maugé

Muraenichthys erythraeensis was originally described as Muraenichthys erythraeensis by Bauchot & Maugé in 1980. It belongs to the family Ophichthidae and subfamily Myrophinae. It is found in Salt water.
Species   erythraeensis
AuthorWI   Bauchot [M.-L.] & Maugé [A. L.]
AuthorNI   Bauchot & Maugé
Qualification   ---
Year   1980
Status   Synonym
Osteichthyes Osteichthyes
Anguilliformes Anguilliformes
Family   Ophichthidae
Myrophinae Myrophinae
Genus   Muraenichthys
Subgenus   ---

Class   Osteichthyes
Order   Anguilliformes
Family   Ophichthidae
Subfamily   Myrophinae
Genus   Muraenichthys
Original Name   Muraenichthys        
Taxon Name   erythraeensis
Original Combination   Muraenichthys erythraeensis
Original Genus  
Original Genus Species   Muraenichthys erythraeensis
OriginalSubGenus   Muraenichthys
Original Author   Bauchot & Maugé
Original AuthorWI   Bauchot [M.-L.] & Maugé [A. L.]
Original Qualification   ---
Original Year   1980
Original Family  
Original SubFamily   Myrophinae
Original Level   species
Type Locality   Nuweiba, south of oasis, Egypt, Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea, depth 2 meters.
Types   Paratypes: HUJ 9720 (1), 9722 (1), 9826 (1), 9828 (1); MNHN 1977-950 (1).
Type Catalogue   Type catalog: Bauchot et al. 1993:108 [ref. 20810], Golani 2006:22 [ref. 28840].
Primary Code   Holotype
Primary Type   MNHN 1977-0948
Journal   Bull. Mus. Natl. Hist. Nat. Ser. 4, Sect. A
Citation   v. 2 (no. 3)
Page   934
Illustrations   Figs. 1-2

SubSpecies AuthorWI ---
Qualification SS ---

Current Subspecies AuthorWI ---

Current Genus Species Scolecenchelys erythraeensis
Current Species erythraeensis
Current Genus Scolecenchelys
Current AuthorWI Whitley [G. P.]
Current AuthorNI Whitley
Current Year 1927
Current Family Ophichthidae
Current Subfamily
Myrophinae Myrophinae

Habitat Marine.        
Water Salt water

Current Summary   Synonym of Scolecenchelys iredalei  (Whitley 1927). Ophichthidae: Myrophinae.
Name History   •Valid as Muraenichthys erythraeensis Bauchot & Maugé 1980 -- (Dor 1984:37 [ref. 29757] as erythraensis, Bauchot et al. 1993:108 [ref. 20810], Goren & Dor 1994:8 [ref. 25356] as erythraensis). •Valid as Scolecenchelys erythraeensis (Bauchot & Maugé 1980) -- (Castle & McCosker 1999:121 [ref. 24075], Hibino et al. 2012:182 [ref. 32443], Hibino et al. 2013:45 [ref. 32418]). •Synonym of Scolecenchelys iredalei (Whitey 1927) -- (Hibino & Kimura 2015:13 [ref. 33951], Golani & Fricke 2018:29 [ref. 36273]).

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acus Muraenichthys acus (Phillipps [W. J.] 1926)Synonym
acutirostris Muraenichthys acutirostris Weber [M.] & de Beaufort [L. F.] 1916Synonym
aoki Muraenichthys aoki Jordan [D. S.] & Snyder [J. O.] 1901Synonym
australis Muraenichthys australis Macleay [W.] 1881Synonym
borealis Muraenichthys borealis Machida [Y.] & Shiogaki [M.] 1990Synonym
breviceps Muraenichthys breviceps Günther [A.] 1876Synonym
breviceps halitun Muraenichthys breviceps halituna Whitley [G. P.] 1955Synonym
chilensis Muraenichthys chilensis McCosker [J. E.] 1970Synonym
cookei Muraenichthys cookei Fowler [H. W.] 1928Synonym
devisi Muraenichthys devisi Fowler [H. W.] 1907Synonym
elerae Muraenichthys elerae Fowler [H. W.] 1934Uncertain
erythraensis Muraenichthys erythraensis Bauchot [M.-L.] & Maugé [A. L.] 1980Synonym
fowleri Muraenichthys fowleri Schultz [L. P.] 1943Synonym
godeffroyi Muraenichthys godeffroyi Regan [C. T.] 1909Synonym
gymnopterus Muraenichthys gymnopterus (Bleeker [P.] 1852)Valid
gymnotus Muraenichthys gymnotus Bleeker [P.] 1857Synonym
hattae Muraenichthys hattae Jordan [D. S.] & Snyder [J. O.] 1901Valid
iredalei Muraenichthys iredalei Whitley [G. P.] 1927Synonym
japonicus Muraenichthys japonicus Machida [Y.] & Ohta [S.] 1993Synonym
johnstonensis Muraenichthys johnstonensis Schultz [L. P.] & Woods [L. P.] 1949Synonym
labialis Muraenichthys labialis Seale [A.] 1917Synonym
laticaudata Muraenichthys laticaudata (Ogilby [J. D.] 1897)Synonym
laticaudatus Muraenichthys laticaudatus (Ogilby [J. D.] 1897)Synonym
lengomena Muraenichthys (Muraenichthys) lengomena Scott [E. O. G.] 1980Synonym
lengomena Muraenichthys lengomena Scott [E. O. G.] 1980Synonym
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