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Mustelus canis insularis
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Mustelus canis insularis


Mustelus canis insularis was originally described as Mustelus canis canis insularis by Heemstra in 1997. It belongs to the family Triakidae. It is found in Salt water.
Species   canis insularis
AuthorWI   Heemstra [P. C.]
AuthorNI   Heemstra
Qualification   ---
Year   1997
Status   Synonym
Class   Chondrichthyes Chondrichthyes
Order   Carcharhiniformes Carcharhiniformes
Family   Triakidae
Subfamily   --- ---
Genus   Mustelus
Subgenus   ---

Class   Chondrichthyes
Order   Carcharhiniformes
Family   Triakidae
Genus   Mustelus
Original Name   Mustelus canis        
Taxon Name   insularis
Original Combination   Mustelus canis insularis
Original Genus   Mustelus
Original Genus Species   Mustelus canis insularis
OriginalSubGenus   Mustelus
lowerTaxa   insularis
Original Author   Heemstra
Original AuthorWI   Heemstra [P. C.]
Original Qualification   ---
Original Year   1997
Original Family   Triakidae
Original SubFamily   ---
Original Level   subspecies
Type Locality   Cay Sal Bank, 5 miles northwest of Cay Sal Island, Bahamas, depth 214 meters.
Types   Paratypes: ANSP 19475 (2), 103924 (1), 124249 (1, cranium); BMNH 1879.1.8.1 (1), 1972.10.3.1 (1); CAS 15051 (1); FMNH 71555 (1); MCZ 35233 (1); UF 19141 (1), 46039 (1), 46075-77 (1, 1, 1), 101336 (1), 203360 (1), 224064 (1), 228458 (1); USNM 154808 (1),
Primary Code   Holotype
Primary Type   USNM 208012
Journal   Bull. Mar. Sci.
Citation   v. 60 (no. 3)
Page   903
Illustrations   Fig. 5

SubSpecies AuthorWI   Heemstra [P. C.]
Subspecies AuthorNI   Heemstra
Qualification SS   ---
Subspecies Year   1997

Original SubSpecies AuthorWI   ---
Original QualificationSS   ---
Original Subspecies Year   1997

Current Subspecies AuthorWI   ---
Current Subspecies Year   Heemstra 1997

Current Genus Species   Mustelus canis
Current Species   canis
Current Genus   Mustelus
Current AuthorWI   Mitchill [S. L.]
Current AuthorNI   Mitchill
Current Year   1815
Current Family   Triakidae
Current Subfamily   --- ---

Water   Salt water
Distribution   ---

Current Summary   Synonym of Mustelus canis  (Mitchill 1815). Triakidae: Triakinae.
Name History   • Synonym of Mustelus canis  (Mitchill 1815), but a valid subspecies insularis  Heemstra 1997 as described -- (Castro-Aguirre et al. 1999:51 [ref. 24550], Smith-Vaniz et al. 1999:110 [ref. 25013], Collette et al. 2003:98 [ref. 26784], Compagno 2003:461 [ref. 26984], Kiraly et al. 2003:18 [ref. 28226], Smith-Vaniz & Jelks 2014:19 [ref. 33341] as Mustelus canis  ).

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abbotti Mustelus abbotti Evermann [B. W.] & Radcliffe [L.] 1917Synonym
albipinnis Mustelus albipinnis Castro-Aguirre [J. L.], Antuna-Mendiola [A.], González-Acosta [A. F.] & De la Cruz-Agüero [J.] 2005Valid
albomaculatus Mustelus albomaculatus (Plucàr [E.] 1846)Synonym
antarcticus Mustelus antarcticus Günther [A.] 1870Valid
asterias Mustelus asterias Cloquet [H.] 1819Valid
californicus Mustelus californicus Gill [T. N.] 1864Valid
canis Mustelus canis (Mitchill [S. L.] 1815)Valid
canis canis Mustelus canis canis (Mitchill [S. L.] 1815)Synonym
dissutus Mustelus dissutus (Guitart Manday [D. J.] 1972)Synonym
dorsalis Mustelus dorsalis Gill [T. N.] 1864Valid
edulis Mustelus edulis Pérez Canto [C.] 1886Synonym
equestris Mustelus equestris Bonaparte [C. L.] 1834Synonym
fasciatus Mustelus fasciatus (Garman [S.] 1913)Valid
felis Mustelus felis Ayres [W. O.] 1854Synonym
ganearum Mustelus ganearum (Whitley [G. P.] 1945)Synonym
griseus Mustelus griseus Pietschmann [V.] 1908Valid
hacat Mustelus hacat Pérez-Jiménez [J. C.], Nichizaki [O. S.] & Castillo Geniz [J. L.] 2005Synonym
henlei Mustelus henlei (Gill [T. N.] 1863)Valid
higmani Mustelus higmani Springer [S.] & Lowe [R. H.] 1963Valid
hinnulus Mustelus hinnulus (Blainville [H. de] 1825)Synonym
insularis Mustelus insularis Heemstra [P. C.] 1997Synonym
kanekonis Mustelus kanekonis (Tanaka [S.] 1916)Valid
laevis Mustelus laevis Müller [J.] & Henle [F. G. J.] 1841Uncertain
laevis Mustelus laevis Cetti [F.] 1777Not available
laevis Mustelus laevis Linck [H. F.] 1790Synonym
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