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Notropis alborus
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Notropis alborus

Hubbs & Raney

Notropis alborus was originally described as Notropis alborus by Hubbs & Raney in 1947. It belongs to the family Leuciscidae and subfamily Pogonichthyinae. It is commonly known as Whitemouth shiner and is known Whitemouth shiner in USA (contiguous states), whitemouth shiner in USA (contiguous states). more common names It is found in Fresh water.
Species   alborus
AuthorWI   Hubbs [C. L.] & Raney [E. C.]
AuthorNI   Hubbs & Raney
Qualification   ---
Year   1947
Status   Valid
Osteichthyes Osteichthyes
Cypriniformes Cypriniformes
Family   Leuciscidae
Pogonichthyinae Pogonichthyinae
Genus   Notropis
Subgenus   ---

Class   Osteichthyes
Order   Cypriniformes
Family   Leuciscidae
Subfamily   Pogonichthyinae
Genus   Notropis
Original Name   Notropis        
Taxon Name   alborus
Original Combination   Notropis alborus
Original Genus  
Original Genus Species   Notropis alborus
OriginalSubGenus   Notropis
Original Author   Hubbs & Raney
Original AuthorWI   Hubbs [C. L.] & Raney [E. C.]
Original Qualification   ---
Original Year   1947
Original Family  
Original SubFamily   Pogonichthyinae
Original Level   species
Type Locality   Brush Creek, a tributary of Deep River, 5 miles west of Silver City, Randolph County, North Carolina, U.S.A.
Types   Paratypes: (19) CUMV 10074 (?), 3538 (5), 9619 (2); UMMZ 132797 (1), ?136149 -50 (1, 2), 138332-33 (8, 3), 138488 (8), 138490 (10); USNM 40347 (25, now 27), 93227 (16), 107615 (48).
Type Catalogue   Type catalog: Gilbert 1978:24 [ref. 7042], Gilbert 1998:37 [ref. 23395].
Primary Code   Holotype
Primary Type   UMMZ 138489
Journal   Occas. Pap. Mus. Zool. Univ. Mich.
Citation   No. 498
Page   1
Illustrations   Pl. 1 (fig. 1)

SubSpecies AuthorWI ---
Qualification SS ---

Current Subspecies AuthorWI ---

Current Genus Species Notropis alborus
Current Species   alborus
Current Genus Notropis
Current AuthorWI Hubbs [C. L.] & Raney [E. C.]
Current AuthorNI   Hubbs & Raney
Current Year   1947
Current Family Leuciscidae
Current Subfamily
Pogonichthyinae Pogonichthyinae

Habitat Freshwater.        
Water Fresh water
Habitat Notes Inhabits sandy and rocky pools and runs of headwaters, creeks and small rivers.

Current Summary   Valid as Notropis alborus  Hubbs & Raney 1947. Leuciscidae: Pogonichthyinae.
Name History   •Valid as Hybopsis alborus (Hubbs & Raney 1947) -- (authors). •Valid as Notropis alborus Hubbs & Raney 1947 -- (Gilbert 1978:24 [ref. 7042], Lee et al. 1980:221 [ref. 22416], Burkhead & Jenkins 1991:350 [ref. 21804], Page & Burr 1991:157 [ref. 18983], Jenkins & Burkhead 1994:430 [ref. 21581], Warren et al. 1994:879 [ref. 22062], Gilbert 1998:37 [ref. 23395], Nelson et al. 2004:73 [ref. 27807], Scharpf 2005:26 [ref. 28940], Page & Burr 2011:292 [ref. 31215], Page et al. 2013:73 [ref. 32708]).

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abbotti Notropis abbotti Fowler [H. W.] 1904Synonym
acutus Notropis acutus (Lapham [I. A.] 1854)Synonym
aeneolus Notropis aeneolus Hay [O. P.] 1887Synonym
aguirrepequenoi Notropis aguirrepequenoi Contreras-Balderas [S.] & Rivera-Teillery [R.] 1973Valid
alabamae Notropis alabamae Jordan [D. S.] & Meek [S. E.] 1884Synonym
albeolus Notropis albeolus Jordan [D. S.] 1889Synonym
albeolus Notropis albeolus Eigenmann [C. H.] & Eigenmann [R. S.] 1893Synonym
albizonatus Notropis albizonatus Warren [M. L., Jr.] & Burr [B. M.] in Warren, Burr & Grady 1994Valid
alegnotus Notropis alegnotus Snelson [F. F., Jr.] 1972Synonym
aletes Notropis aletes (Jordan [D. S.] & Evermann [B. W.] 1927)Synonym
altipinnis Notropis altipinnis (Cope [E. D.] 1870)Valid
altipinnis chowanus Notropis altipinnis chowanus Hubbs [C. L.] & Raney [E. C.] 1948Synonym
altipinnis neusensis Notropis altipinnis neusensis Hubbs [C. L.] & Raney [E. C.] 1948Synonym
altipinnis tarensis Notropis altipinnis tarensis Hubbs [C. L.] & Raney [E. C.] 1948Synonym
altipinnis whitei Notropis altipinnis whitei Hubbs [C. L.] & Raney [E. C.] 1948Synonym
altipinnis wrighti Notropis altipinnis wrighti Hubbs [C. L.] & Raney [E. C.] 1948Synonym
amabilis Notropis amabilis (Girard [C. F.] 1856)Valid
amblops Notropis amblops (Rafinesque [C. S.] 1820)Synonym
amecae Notropis amecae Chernoff [B.] & Miller [R. R.] 1986Valid
ammophilus Notropis ammophilus Suttkus [R. D.] & Boschung [H. T.] 1990Valid
amnis Notropis amnis Hubbs [C. L.] & Greene [C. W.] in Hubbs 1951Synonym
amnis pinnosa Notropis amnis pinnosa Hubbs [C. L.] & Bonham [K.] in Hubbs 1951Synonym
amoenus Notropis amoenus (Abbott [C. C.] 1874)Valid
amplamala Notropis amplamala Pera [T. P.] & Armbruster [J. W.] 2006Valid
analostanus Notropis analostanus (Girard [C. F.] 1859)Synonym
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