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Schistura prashadi
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Schistura prashadi

(Hora 1921)

Schistura prashadi was originally described as Nemachilus prashadi by Hora in 1921. It belongs to the family Nemacheilidae. It is found in Fresh water and its distribution is India and Nepal.
Species   prashadi
AuthorWI   Hora [S. L.]
AuthorNI   Hora
Qualification   ---
Year   1921
Status   Valid
Class   Osteichthyes Osteichthyes
Order   Cypriniformes Cypriniformes
Family   Nemacheilidae
Subfamily   --- ---
Genus   Schistura
Subgenus   ---

Class   Osteichthyes
Order   Cypriniformes
Family   Nemacheilidae
Genus   Schistura
Original Name   Nemachilus        
Taxon Name   prashadi
Original Combination   Nemachilus prashadi
Original Genus   Nemachilus
Original Genus Species   Nemachilus prashadi
OriginalSubGenus   Nemachilus
Original Author   Hora
Original AuthorWI   Hora [S. L.]
Original Qualification   ---
Original Year   1921
Original Family   Balitoridae
Original SubFamily   ---
Original Level   species
Type Locality   Thoubal and Sikmai stream, southern watershed of the Naga Hills, India.
Types   Paratypes: ANSP 89744 (1), MCSZG 17113 (2), ZSI F9988/1 (26), plus additional paratypes.
Type Catalogue   Type catalog: Menon & Yazdani 1968:124 [ref. 20743], Böhlke 1984:64 [ref. 13621], Menon 1987:129 [ref. 14149].
Primary Code   Holotype
Primary Type   ZSI F9987/1
Journal   Rec. Indian Mus. (Calcutta)
Citation   v. 22 (pt 3, no. 19)
Page   203
Illustrations   Pl. 10 (figs. 2, 2a)

SubSpecies AuthorWI   ---
Qualification SS   ---

Original QualificationSS   ---

Current Subspecies AuthorWI   ---

Current Genus Species   Physoschistura prashadi
Current Species   prashadi
Current Genus   Physoschistura
Current AuthorWI   Hora [S. L.]
Current AuthorNI   Hora
Current Year   1921
Current Family   Nemacheilidae
Current Subfamily   --- ---

Water   Fresh water
Distribution   India and Nepal.

Current Summary   Valid as Physoschistura prashadi  (Hora 1921). Nemacheilidae.
Name History   • Valid as Nemacheilus prashadi  Hora 1921 -- (Menon 1987:127 [ref. 14149] as Noemacheilus, Talwar & Jhingran 1991:495 [ref. 20764], Menon 1999:176 [ref. 24904] as Noemacheilus  ). • Valid as Schistura prashadi  (Hora 1921) -- (Kottelat 1990:191 [ref. 14137], Bănărescu & Nalbant 1995:440 [ref. 23187], Lokeshwor & Vishwanath 2011:1514 [ref. 31183], Conway et al. 2011:1747 [ref. 31594] but questioned Nepal, Lokeshwor & Vishwanath 2012:102 [ref. 32325], Kottelat 2012:115 [ref. 32367], Bohlen & Slechtová 2013:88, 92 [ref. 32798], Kottelat 2013:210 [ref. 32989], Bohlen & Slechtová 2014:222 [ref. 33238]). • Valid as Physoschistura prashadi  (Hora 1921) -- (Suvarnaraksha 2013:246 [ref. 32981]).

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huongensis Schistura huongensis Freyhof [J.] & Serov [D. V.] 2001Valid
hypsiura Schistura hypsiura Bohlen [J.], Šlechtová [V.] & Udomritthiruj [K.] 2014Valid
imitator Schistura imitator Kottelat [M.] 2000Valid
implicata Schistura implicata Kottelat [M.] 2000Valid
incerta Schistura incerta (Nichols [J. T.] 1931)Valid
inglisi Schistura inglisi (Hora [S. L.] 1935)Synonym
irregularis Schistura irregularis Kottelat [M.] 2000Valid
isostigma Schistura isostigma Kottelat [M.] 1998Valid
jarutanini Schistura jarutanini Kottelat [M.] 1990Valid
kampucheensis Schistura kampucheensis Bohlen [J.], Petrtýl [M.], Chaloupková [P.] & Borin [C.] 2016Valid
kangjupkhulensis Schistura kangjupkhulensis (Hora [S. L.] 1921)Valid
kangrae Schistura kangrae (Menon [A. G. K.] 1952)Valid
kanjupkhulensis Schistura kanjupkhulensis (Hora [S. L.] 1921)Spelling
kaysonei Schistura kaysonei Vidthayanon [C.] & Jaruthanin [K.] 2002Valid
kengtungensis Schistura kengtungensis (Fowler [H. W.] 1936)Valid
kessleri lepidocaulis Schistura kessleri lepidocaulis Mirza [M. R.] & Nalbant [T. T.] in Mirza, Nalbant & Bănărescu 1981Synonym
khamtanhi Schistura khamtanhi Kottelat [M.] 2000Valid
khugae Schistura khugae Vishwanath [W.] & Shanta Devi [K.] 2004Valid
kloetzliae Schistura kloetzliae Kottelat [M.] 2000Valid
kohatensis Schistura kohatensis Mirza [M. R.] & Bănărescu [P. M.] in Mirza, Nalbant & Bănărescu 1981Valid
kohchangensis Schistura kohchangensis (Smith [H. M.] 1933)Valid
koladynensis Schistura koladynensis Lokeshwor [Y.] & Vishwanath [W.] 2012Valid
kongphengi Schistura kongphengi Kottelat [M.] 1998Valid
kontumensis Schistura kontumensis Freyhof [J.] & Serov [D. V.] 2001Valid
laterimaculata Schistura laterimaculata Kottelat [M.] 1990Valid
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