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Scyllium griseum
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Scyllium griseum

(Müller & Henle 1838)

Scyllium griseum was originally described as Chiloscyllium griseum by Müller & Henle in 1838. It belongs to the family Scyliorhinidae. It is found in Salt water.
Species   griseum
AuthorWI   Müller [J.] & Henle [F. G. J.]
AuthorNI   Müller & Henle
Qualification   ---
Year   1838
Status   Synonym
Chondrichthyes Chondrichthyes
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhiniformes
Family   Scyliorhinidae
--- ---
Genus   Scyllium
Subgenus   ---

Class   Chondrichthyes
Order   Carcharhiniformes
Family   Scyliorhinidae
Genus   Scyllium
Original Name   Chiloscyllium        
Taxon Name   griseum
Original Combination   Chiloscyllium griseum
Original Genus  
Original Genus Species   Chiloscyllium griseum
OriginalSubGenus   Chiloscyllium
Original Author   Müller & Henle
Original AuthorWI   Müller [J.] & Henle [F. G. J.]
Original Qualification   ---
Original Year   1838
Original Family  
Original SubFamily   ---
Original Level   species
Type Locality   Puducherry, India; Japan.
Primary Code   ---
Primary Type   MNHN 0000-1010
Page   19
Illustrations   [Pl. 4]

SubSpecies AuthorWI ---
Qualification SS ---

Current Subspecies AuthorWI ---

Current Genus Species Chiloscyllium griseum
Current Species   griseum
Current Genus Chiloscyllium
Current AuthorWI Müller [J.] & Henle [F. G. J.]
Current AuthorNI   Müller & Henle
Current Year   1838
Current Family Scyliorhinidae
Current Subfamily
--- ---

Habitat marine.        
Water Salt water

Current Summary   Synonym of Chiloscyllium griseum  Müller & Henle 1838. Hemiscylliidae.
Name History   •Valid as Chiloscyllium griseum Müller & Henle 1838 -- (Dingerkus & DeFino 1983:12 [ref. 5386], Compagno 1984:191 [ref. 6474], Nakaya & Shirai in Masuda et al. 1984:8 [ref. 6441], Kharin 1987:365 [ref. 6227], Gubanov & Timoxin 1989:221 [ref. 36138], Talwar & Jhingran 1991:7 [ref. 20764], Krishnan & Mishra 1993:211 [ref. 24016], Goren & Dor 1994:2 [ref. 25356] with Fowler as author, Randall 1995:22 [ref. 22896], Compagno & Niem 1998:1253 [ref. 23787], Morón et al. 1999:144 [ref. 24253], Compagno 1999:476 [ref. 25589], Nakabo 2000:120 [ref. 25086], Compagno in Randall & Lim 2000:578 [ref. 25122], Goto 2001:82 [ref. 25912], Compagno 2001:169 [ref. 26323], Nakabo 2002:120 [ref. 26001], Manilo & Bogorodsky 2003:S91 [ref. 27377], Compagno et al. 2005:20 [ref. 29145], Kimura 2009:7 [ref. 30426], Weigmann 2012:8 [ref. 31968], Allen & Erdmann 2012:47 [ref. 31980], Naylor et al. 2012:53 [ref. 32267] see remarks, Psomadakis et al. 2015:76 [ref. 34104], Weigmann 2016:8 [ref. 34211], Ali et al. 2018:300 [ref. 36183], Kumar et al. 2018:295 [ref. 36178], Eagderi et al. 2019:13 [ref. 37020], Psomadakis et al. 2020:165 [ref. 37272]).

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acanthonotum Scyllium acanthonotum De Filippi [F.] in De Filippi & Verany 1857Uncertain
acutidens Scyllium acutidens Vaillant [L. L.] 1888Uncertain
africanum punctata Scyllium africanum punctata Lampe [M.] 1914Synonym
anale Scyllium anale Ogilby [J. D.] 1885Synonym
artedi Scyllium artedi Risso [A.] 1820Synonym
artedii Scyllium artedii Risso [A.] 1820Synonym
atlanticum Scyllium atlanticum De la Pylaie [A. J. M.] 1835In family
bivium Scyllium bivium Müller [J.] & Henle [F. G. J.] (ex Smith) 1838Synonym
brevicolle Scyllium brevicolle Philippi [R. A.] 1887Uncertain
buergeri Scyllium buergeri Müller [J.] & Henle [F. G. J.] 1838Synonym
canescens Scyllium canescens Günther [A.] 1878Synonym
capense Scyllium capense Müller [J.] & Henle [F. G. J.] (ex Smith) 1838Synonym
catulus Scyllium catulus Müller [J.] & Henle [F. G. J.] 1838Synonym
chilense Scyllium chilense Guichenot [A.] 1848Synonym
cirrhosum Scyllium cirrhosum Griffith [E.] & Smith [C. H.] 1834Synonym
ferrugineum Scyllium ferrugineum Lesson [R. P.] 1831Synonym
freycineti Scyllium freycineti Quoy [J. R. C.] & Gaimard [J. P.] 1824Synonym
heptagonum Scyllium heptagonum Rüppell [W. P. E. S.] 1837Synonym
hispidum Scyllium hispidum Alcock [A. W.] 1891Synonym
laticeps Scyllium laticeps Duméril [A. H. A.] 1853Synonym
laurussonii Scyllium laurussonii Saemundsson [B.] 1922Synonym
leopardinum Scyllium leopardinum Müller [J.] & Henle [F. G. J.] 1838Synonym
lima Scyllium lima Richardson [J.] 1843Synonym
maculatum Scyllium maculatum Gray [J. E.] 1830Synonym
maeandrinum Scyllium maeandrinum Müller [J.] & Henle [F. G. J.] (ex Rapp) 1838Synonym
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