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Squalus acanthias
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Squalus acanthias


Squalus acanthias was originally described as Squalus acanthias by Linnaeus in 1758. It belongs to the family Squalidae. It is commonly known as Spotted spiny dogfish / Piked dogfish but has many other common names such as White-spotted spurdog in Australia, Spiny dogfish in USA (contiguous states), Abura-tsunozame in Japan, Spikkel-penhaai in South Africa, Peshkagen in Albania. more common names It is found in Salt water and its distribution is Widespread, but absent from the North Pacific.
Species   acanthias
AuthorWI   Linnaeus [C.]
AuthorNI   Linnaeus
Qualification   ---
Year   1758
Status   Valid
Chondrichthyes Chondrichthyes
Squaliformes Squaliformes
Family   Squalidae
--- ---
Genus   Squalus
Subgenus   ---

Class   Chondrichthyes
Order   Squaliformes
Family   Squalidae
Genus   Squalus
Original Name   Squalus        
Taxon Name   acanthias
Original Combination   Squalus acanthias
Original Genus  
Original Genus Species   Squalus acanthias
OriginalSubGenus   Squalus
Original Author   Linnaeus
Original AuthorWI   Linnaeus [C.]
Original Qualification   ---
Original Year   1758
Original Family  
Original SubFamily   ---
Original Level   species
Type Locality   Mediterranean Sea and northeastern Atlantic [original: "In Oceano Europæo"]; localities include Sweden, Baltic Sea; North Sea; Irish Sea; Marseille, France; Rome and Venice, Italy; Lesbos Island, Greece; Syria, Mediterranean Sea.
Types   Syntypes: NRM 85 (2). Possible syntypes: ZMUU Linn. coll. 159 (1), ZMUU Linn. coll. 160 (1, dry).
Type Catalogue   Type catalog: Fernholm & Wheeler 1983:208-209 [ref. 20707].
Primary Code   ---
Journal   Systema Nat. ed. 10
Citation   v. 1
Page   233

SubSpecies AuthorWI ---
Qualification SS ---

Original QualificationSS ---

Current Subspecies AuthorWI ---

Current Genus Species Squalus acanthias
Current Species   acanthias
Current Genus Squalus
Current AuthorWI Linnaeus [C.]
Current AuthorNI   Linnaeus
Current Year   1758
Current Family Squalidae
Current Subfamily
--- ---

Habitat benthopelagic        
Water Salt water
Habitat Notes Possibly the most abundant living shark. An inshore and offshore dogfish of the continental and insular shelf and upper slopes. Usually near the bottom but also found at the surface. Often found in enclosed bays and estuaries. Reported to enter freshwater
Depth Range From 0 to 1460 meters.
Distribution Widespread, but absent from the North Pacific.

Current Summary   Valid as Squalus acanthias  Linnaeus 1758. Squalidae.
Name History   • Valid as Squalus acanthias  Linnaeus 1758 -- (Krefft & Tortonese 1973:37 [ref. 7165], Eschmeyer & Herald 1983:23 [ref. 9277], McEachran & Branstetter in Whitehead et al. 1984:146 [ref. 13675], Compagno 1984:111 [ref. 6474], Nakaya & Shirai in Masuda et al. 1984:9 [ref. 6441], Menni 1986:425 [ref. 11487], Bass et al. 1986:61 [ref. 5636], Robins & Ray 1986:33 [ref. 23100], Castro-Aguirre & Garcia-Dominguez 1988:103 [ref. 19199], Scott & Scott 1988:35 [ref. 25518], Paxton et al. 1989:37 [ref. 12442], Paulin et al. 1989:13 [ref. 24556], Pequeño 1989:12 [ref. 14125], Muñoz-Chápuli & Ramos 1989:6 [ref. 12577], McAllister 1990:33 [ref. 14674], Springer 1990:12 [ref. 19315], Yano in Amaoka et al. 1990:76 [ref. 16024], Compagno et al. 1991:66 [ref. 21083], Lloris & Rucabado 1991:27 [ref. 22530], Bianchi & Carpenter in Bianchi et al. 1993:83 [ref. 25472] with authors as Smith & Radcliffe 1912, Gomon et al. 1994:105 [ref. 22532], Last & Stevens 1994:98 [ref. 23873], Compagno et al. in Fischer et al. 1995:728 [ref. 22829], Yano in Okamura et al. 1995:51 [ref. 22531], López et al. 1996:7 [ref. 23681], Cheng & Zhou 1997:37 [ref. 26385], Murdy et al. 1997:34 [ref. 23144], Santos et al. 1997:118 [ref. 23531], Pshenichnov 1997:713 [ref. 24700], Arruda 1997:21 [ref. 24952], Sokolovskaya et al. 1998:7 [ref. 24670], Compagno 1999:472 [ref. 25589], Nakabo 2000:155 [ref. 25086], Sheiko & Fedorov 2000:15 [ref. 25650], Cousseau & Perrotta 2000:36 [ref. 25942], Hutchins 2001:15 [ref. 25847], Soto 2001:66, 94 [ref. 26637], Bilecenoglu et al. 2002:17 [ref. 26753], Burgess in Collette & Klein-MacPhee 2002:54 [ref. 26158], Mecklenburg et al. 2002:88 [ref 25968], Nakabo 2002:155 [ref. 26001], Youn 2002:60, 478 [ref. 26218], López et al. 2002:62 [ref. 26808], Compagno 2003:383 [ref. 26984], Gadig & Gomes in Menezes et al. 2003:27 [ref. 27192], Moore et al. 2003:170 [ref. 27076], Manilo & Bogorodsky 2003:S93 [ref. 27377], Fedorov et al. 2003:13 [ref. 27579], Baranes 2003:42 [ref. 27888], Espinosa Pérez et al. 2004:102 [ref. 27705], Nelson et al. 2004:49 [ref. 27807], Heemstra & Heemstra 2004:54 [ref. 28072], Duhamel et al. 2005:74 [ref. 32059], Hoese 2006:155 [ref. 28998], Duffy & Last 2007:31 [ref. 29127], Duffy & Last 2007:91 [ref. 29132], Fricke 2007:25 [ref. 30577], Fricke et al. 2007:15 [ref. 29533], Vasil'eva 2007:18 [ref. 30517], White et al. 2007:106 [ref. 29133], White et al. 2007:110 [ref. 29134], White 2008:82 [ref. 30617], Ninua & Japoshvili 2008:163 [ref. 31251], George 2009:56 [ref. 30539], Møller et al. 2010:14 [ref. 31169], Ebert et al. 2010:30 [ref. 30955] with more restricted range, Mecklenburg et al. 2011:115 [ref. 31212], Castro 2011:55 [ref. 31457], Mabragaña et al. 2011:table S2 [ref. 31800], Page et al. 2013:53 [ref. 32708], Shinohara et al. 2014:233 [ref. 33330], Parin et al. 2014:25 [ref. 33547]).

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acanthias acanthias Squalus acanthias acanthias Linnaeus [C.] 1758Synonym
acanthias africana Squalus acanthias africana Myagkov [N. A.] & Kondyurin [V. V.] 1986Synonym
acanthias chilensis Squalus acanthias chilensis Suckow [G. A.] 1799Synonym
acanthias ponticus Squalus acanthias ponticus Myagkov [N. A.] & Kondyurin [V. V.] 1986Synonym
acronotus Squalus acronotus Poey [F.] 1860Synonym
acutipinnis Squalus acutipinnis Regan [C. T.] 1908Synonym
acutirostris Squalus acutirostris Chu [Y.-T.], Meng [Q.-W.] & Li [S.] 1984Uncertain
adscensionis Squalus adscensionis Osbeck [P.] 1765Synonym
africana Squalus africana Myagkov [N. A.] & Kondyurin [V. V.] 1986Synonym
africanus Squalus africanus Gmelin [J. F.] 1789Synonym
albicaudus Squalus albicaudus Viana [S. T. de F. L.], Carvalho [M. R. de] & Gomes [U. L.] 2016Valid
albifrons Squalus albifrons Last [P. R.], White [W. T.] & Stevens [J. D.] 2007Valid
albomaculatus Squalus albomaculatus Plucàr [E.] 1846Synonym
alopecias Squalus alopecias Gronow [L. T.] in Gray 1854Synonym
altipinnis Squalus altipinnis Last [P. R.], White [W. T.] & Stevens [J. D.] 2007Valid
americanus Squalus americanus (Storer [D. H.] 1846)Synonym
americanus Squalus americanus Mitchill [S. L.] 1815Synonym
americanus Squalus americanus Gmelin [J. F.] 1789Synonym
anisodon Squalus anisodon Lacepède [B. G. E.] 1802Synonym
annulatus Squalus annulatus Nilsson [S.] 1832Synonym
antiquorum Squalus antiquorum Leach [W. E.] 1818Not available
appendiculatus Squalus appendiculatus Shaw [G.] in Shaw & Nodder 1806Synonym
arcticus Squalus arcticus Faber [F.] 1829Synonym
argus Squalus argus Bancroft [E. N.] 1830Not available
ascensionis Squalus ascensionis Osbeck [P.] in Lacepède 1798Not available
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