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Synaptura melanoptera
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Synaptura melanoptera


Synaptura melanoptera was originally described as Synaptura melanoptera by Gilchrist in 1904. It belongs to the family Soleidae. It is found in Brackish and Salt water.
Species   melanoptera
AuthorWI   Gilchrist [J. D. F.]
AuthorNI   Gilchrist
Qualification   ---
Year   1904
Status   Synonym
Osteichthyes Osteichthyes
Pleuronectiformes Pleuronectiformes
Family   Soleidae
--- ---
Genus   Synaptura
Subgenus   ---

Class   Osteichthyes
Order   Pleuronectiformes
Family   Soleidae
Genus   Synaptura
Original Name   Synaptura        
Taxon Name   melanoptera
Original Combination   Synaptura melanoptera
Original Genus  
Original Genus Species   Synaptura melanoptera
OriginalSubGenus   Synaptura
Original Author   Gilchrist
Original AuthorWI   Gilchrist [J. D. F.]
Original Qualification   ---
Original Year   1904
Original Family  
Original SubFamily   ---
Original Level   species
Type Locality   Off East London, South Africa, 33°06'45"S, 27°55'45"E, southwestern Indian Ocean, depth 43 fathoms.
Primary Code   Holotype (unique)
Primary Type   SAM 15429
Journal   Mar. Invest. S. Africa
Citation   v. 3
Page   13
Illustrations   Pl. 32

SubSpecies AuthorWI ---
Qualification SS ---

Original QualificationSS ---

Current Subspecies AuthorWI ---

Current Genus Species Synapturichthys kleinii
Current Species   kleinii
Current Genus Synapturichthys
Current AuthorWI Risso [A.]
Current AuthorNI   Risso
Current Year   1827
Current Family Soleidae
Current Subfamily
--- ---

Water Brackish and Salt water
Distribution ---

Current Summary   Synonym of Synapturichthys kleinii  (Risso 1827). Soleidae.
Name History   • Synonym of Synapturichthys kleinii  (Risso 1827) -- (Heemstra & Gon 1986:874 [ref. 5665]).

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achira Synaptura achira Duncker [G.] 1904Synonym
aenea Synaptura aenea Smith [H. M.] 1931Synonym
albomaculata Synaptura albomaculata Kaup [J. J.] 1858Synonym
albomaculatus Dagetichthys albomaculatus (Kaup [J. J.] 1858)Valid
altipinnis Synaptura altipinnis Alcock [A. W.] 1890Synonym
annularis Synaptura annularis (Fowler [H. W.] 1934)Synonym
arafurensis Synaptura arafurensis Günther [A.] 1880Synonym
aspilos Synaptura aspilos Bleeker [P.] 1852Synonym
aspilus Synaptura aspilus Bleeker [P.] 1852Synonym
barnardi Synaptura barnardi Smith [J. L. B.] 1931Synonym
breviceps Synaptura breviceps (Ogilby [J. D.] 1910)Synonym
cadenati Dagetichthys cadenati (Chabanaud [P.] 1948)Valid
cadenati Synaptura cadenati Chabanaud [P.] 1948Synonym
callizona Pseudaesopia callizona (Regan [C. T.] 1903)Valid
callizona Synaptura callizona Regan [C. T.] 1903Synonym
cancellata Synaptura cancellata McCulloch [A. R.] 1916Synonym
capellonis Synaptura capellonis (Steindachner [F.] 1868)Synonym
ciliata Synaptura ciliata Gilchrist [J. D. F.] 1904Synonym
cinerascens Synaptura cinerascens Günther [A.] 1862Synonym
cinerea Synaptura cinerea De Vis [C. W.] 1883Synonym
commersoniana Synaptura commersoniana (Lacepède [B. G. E.] 1802)Valid
commersonnii Synaptura commersonnii (Lacepède [B. G. E.] 1802)Valid
cornuta Synaptura cornuta (Kaup [J. J.] 1858)Synonym
craticula Synaptura craticula McCulloch [A. R.] 1916Synonym
dicholepis Synaptura dicholepis Peters [W. C. H.] 1877Synonym
fasciata Synaptura fasciata Macleay [W.] 1882Synonym
filamentosa Synaptura (Synaptura) filamentosa Sauvage [H.-E.] 1878Synonym
filamentosa Synaptura filamentosa Sauvage [H.-E.] 1878Synonym
fitzroiensis Synaptura fitzroiensis De Vis [C. W.] 1882Synonym
harmandi Synaptura (Anisochirus) harmandi Sauvage [H.-E.] 1878Synonym
harmandi Synaptura harmandi Sauvage [H.-E.] 1878Synonym
hediste Synaptura hediste Mees [G. F.] 1964Uncertain
heterolepis Synaptura heterolepis Bleeker [P.] 1856Synonym
kleinii Synaptura kleinii (Risso [A.] 1827)Synonym
krempfi Synaptura krempfi Durand [J.] 1940Synonym
lipophthalma Synaptura lipophthalma Károli [J.] 1882Uncertain
lusitanica Dagetichthys lusitanica (de Brito Capello [F.] 1868)Valid
lusitanica Synaptura lusitanica de Brito Capello [F.] 1868Synonym
lusitanica lusitanica Synaptura lusitanica lusitanica de Brito Capello [F.] 1868Valid
lusitanica nigromaculata Synaptura lusitanica nigromaculata Pellegrin [J.] 1905Synonym
macrolepis Synaptura macrolepis Bleeker [P.] 1858Synonym
marginata Synaptura marginata Boulenger [G. A.] 1900Synonym
marginatus Dagetichthys marginatus (Boulenger [G. A.] 1900)Valid
marmorata Synaptura marmorata Bleeker [P.] 1853Valid
megalepidoura Synaptura megalepidoura (Fowler [H. W.] 1934)Uncertain
melanorhyncha Synaptura melanorhyncha (Bleeker [P.] 1850)Synonym
microlepis Synaptura microlepis Bleeker [P.] 1863Synonym
muelleri Synaptura muelleri Steindachner [F.] 1879Synonym
nebulosa Synaptura nebulosa Chen [J. T. F.] & Weng [H. T. C.] 1965Synonym
nigra Synaptura nigra Macleay [W.] 1880Synonym
nigromaculata Synaptura nigromaculata Pellegrin [J.] 1905Synonym
orientalis Synaptura orientalis (Bloch [M. E.] & Schneider [J. G.] 1801)Synonym
pan Synaptura pan (Hamilton [F.] 1822)Synonym
panoides Synaptura panoides Bleeker [P.] 1851Synonym
pectoralis Synaptura pectoralis Kaup [J. J.] 1858Synonym
punctatissima Synaptura punctatissima Peters [W. C. H.] 1876Synonym
punctatissima nigromaculata Synaptura punctatissima nigromaculata Pellegrin [J.] 1905Synonym
regani Synaptura regani Gilchrist [J. D. F.] 1906Synonym
salinarum Synaptura salinarum (Ogilby [J. D.] 1910)Synonym
savignyi Synaptura savignyi Kaup [J. J.] 1858Synonym
sclerolepis Synaptura sclerolepis Macleay [W.] 1878Synonym
selheimi Synaptura selheimi Macleay [W.] 1882Synonym
setifer Synaptura setifer Paradice [W. E. J.] in Paradice & Whitley 1927Synonym
siamensis Synaptura siamensis Sauvage [H.-E.] 1878Synonym
smithii Synaptura smithii Regan [C. T.] 1903Synonym
sorsogonensis Synaptura sorsogonensis Evermann [B. W.] & Seale [A.] 1907Synonym
swinhonis Synaptura swinhonis Steindachner [F.] 1867Synonym
villosa Synaptura villosa Weber [M.] 1907Synonym
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