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Syngnathus elucens
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Syngnathus elucens


Syngnathus elucens was originally described as Syngnathus elucens by Poey in 1868. It belongs to the family Syngnathidae and subfamily Syngnathinae. It is found in Salt water.
Species   elucens
AuthorWI   Poey [F.]
AuthorNI   Poey
Qualification   ---
Year   1868
Status   Synonym
Osteichthyes Osteichthyes
Syngnathiformes Syngnathiformes
Family   Syngnathidae
Syngnathinae Syngnathinae
Genus   Syngnathus
Subgenus   ---

Class   Osteichthyes
Order   Syngnathiformes
Family   Syngnathidae
Subfamily   Syngnathinae
Genus   Syngnathus
Original Name   Syngnathus        
Taxon Name   elucens
Original Combination   Syngnathus elucens
Original Genus  
Original Genus Species   Syngnathus elucens
OriginalSubGenus   Syngnathus
Original Author   Poey
Original AuthorWI   Poey [F.]
Original Qualification   ---
Original Year   1868
Original Family  
Original SubFamily   Syngnathinae
Original Level   species
Type Locality   Havana, Cuba.
Primary Code   ---
Primary Type   No types known
Journal   Repertorio Fisico-Natural de la Isla de Cuba
Citation   v. 2
Page   443

SubSpecies AuthorWI ---
Qualification SS ---

Current Subspecies AuthorWI ---

Current Genus Species Cosmocampus elucens
Current Species   elucens
Current Genus Cosmocampus
Current AuthorWI Poey [F.]
Current AuthorNI   Poey
Current Year   1868
Current Family Syngnathidae
Current Subfamily
Syngnathinae Syngnathinae

Habitat Marine.        
Water Salt water

Current Summary   Synonym of Cosmocampus elucens  (Poey 1868). Syngnathidae: Syngnathinae.
Name History   •Valid as Syngnathus elucens Poey 1868 -- (Robins & Ray 1986:126 [ref. 23100], Cervigón 1991:269 [ref. 24472]). •Valid as Cosmocampus elucens (Poey 1868) -- (Dawson 1982:132 [ref. 6764], Boschung 1992:94 [ref. 23239], McEachran & Fechhelm 1998:1054 [ref. 23897], Castro-Aguirre et al. 1999:228 [ref. 24550], Smith-Vaniz et al. 1999:189 [ref. 25013], Schmitter-Soto et al. 2000:155 [ref. 27754], Fritzsche & Vincent 2003:1222 [ref. 27044], Menezes & Moura in Menezes et al. 2003:71 [ref. 27192] dated 1810, Smith et al. 2003:18 [ref. 27621], Nelson et al. 2004:111 [ref. 27807], Kuiter 2009:236 [ref. 30404], García-Hernández et al. 2009:92 [ref. 37265], Page et al. 2013:114 [ref. 32708], Smith-Vaniz & Jelks 2014:35 [ref. 33341], Hamilton et al. 2016:Supplement 1 [ref. 35615]).

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abaster Syngnathus abaster Risso [A.] 1827Valid
abaster ganzirrensis Syngnathus abaster ganzirrensis D'Ancona [U.] 1934Synonym
abaster ganzirriensis Syngnathus abaster ganzirriensis D'Ancona [U.] 1934Synonym
abboti Syngnathus abboti Girard [C. F.] 1858Synonym
acicularis Syngnathus acicularis Jenyns [L.] 1842Synonym
acus Syngnathus acus Linnaeus [C.] 1758Valid
acusimilis Syngnathus acusimilis Günther [A.] 1873Synonym
aeolicus Syngnathus aeolicus Di Caporiacco [L.] 1948Synonym
aequoreus Syngnathus aequoreus Linnaeus [C.] 1758Synonym
affinis Syngnathus affinis Eichwald [C. E. von] 1831In family
affinis Syngnathus affinis Günther [A.] 1870Synonym
agassiz Syngnathus agassiz Michahelles [C. W.] 1829Synonym
agassizii Syngnathus agassizii Michahelles [C. W.] 1829Synonym
algeriensis Syngnathus algeriensis Günther [A.] (ex Playfair) 1870Synonym
alternans Syngnathus alternans Günther [A.] 1870Synonym
altirostris Syngnathus altirostris Ogilby [J. D.] 1890Synonym
analicarens Syngnathus analicarens Duncker [G.] 1915Synonym
andersonii Syngnathus andersonii Bleeker [P.] 1858Synonym
anguisigola Syngnathus anguisigola Nardo [G. D.] (ex Chiereghini) 1847Synonym
ansorgii Syngnathus ansorgii Boulenger [G. A.] 1910Synonym
arctus Syngnathus arctus (Jenkins [O. P.] & Evermann [B. W.] 1889)Synonym
argentatus Syngnathus argentatus Pallas [P. S.] 1814Synonym
argulus Syngnathus argulus Peters [W. C. H.] 1855Synonym
argus Syngnathus argus Peters [W. C. H.] 1852Synonym
argus Syngnathus argus Richardson [J.] 1840Synonym
argyrostictus Syngnathus argyrostictus Kaup [J. J.] (ex Kuhl & van Hasselt) 1856Synonym
arundinaceus Syngnathus arundinaceus Girard [C. F.] 1858Synonym
ascendens Syngnathus ascendens Poey [F.] 1876Synonym
auliscus Syngnathus auliscus (Swain [J.] 1882)Valid
bairdianus Syngnathus bairdianus Duméril [A. H. A.] 1870Synonym
balli Syngnathus balli (Fowler [H. W.] 1925)Synonym
banneri Syngnathus banneri Herald [E. S.] & Randall [J. E.] 1972Synonym
barbarae Syngnathus barbarae (Swain [J.] in Swain & Meek 1884)Synonym
barbarus Syngnathus barbarus Linnaeus [C.] 1758Synonym
biaculeatus Syngnathus biaculeatus Bloch [M. E.] 1785Synonym
bicoarctatus Syngnathus bicoarctatus Bleeker [P.] 1857Synonym
biserialis Syngnathus biserialis Kaup [J. J.] (ex Gray) 1856Synonym
blainvilleanus Syngnathus blainvilleanus Eydoux [J. F. T.] & Gervais [F. L. P.] 1837Synonym
boaja Syngnathus boaja Bleeker [P.] 1850Synonym
brachycephalus Syngnathus brachycephalus Poey [F.] 1868Synonym
brachyrhynchus Syngnathus brachyrhynchus Kaup [J. J.] 1856Synonym
brachysoma Syngnathus brachysoma Bleeker [P.] 1855Synonym
brachyurus Syngnathus brachyurus Bleeker [P.] 1854Synonym
brevicaudus Syngnathus brevicaudus Castelnau [F. L.] 1875Synonym
brevirostris Syngnathus brevirostris Girard [C. F.] 1854Synonym
brevirostris Syngnathus brevirostris Rüppell [W. P. E. S.] 1838Synonym
bucculentus Syngnathus bucculentus Rathke [H.] 1836Synonym
budi Syngnathus budi Bleeker [P.] 1856Synonym
caballus Syngnathus caballus Larrañaga [D. A.] 1923Synonym
caldwelli Syngnathus caldwelli Herald [E. S.] & Randall [J. E.] 1972Synonym
californiensis Syngnathus californiensis Storer [D. H.] 1845Valid
carce Syngnathus carce Hamilton [F.] 1822Synonym
caretta Syngnathus caretta Klunzinger [C. B.] 1880Synonym
caribbaeus Syngnathus caribbaeus Dawson [C. E.] 1979Valid
carinatum Syngnathus carinatum (Gilbert [C. H.] 1892)Synonym
carinatus Syngnathus carinatus (Gilbert [C. H.] 1892)Valid
caspius Syngnathus caspius Eichwald [C. E. von] 1831Valid
cayennensis Syngnathus cayennensis Sauvage [H.-E.] 1882Synonym
ceylonensis Syngnathus ceylonensis Günther [A.] 1870Synonym
chorda Syngnathus chorda Bloch [M. E.] & Schneider [J. G.] 1801Synonym
chorda Syngnathus chorda Walbaum [J. J.] (ex Klein) 1792Synonym
cilo Syngnathus cilo Walbaum [J. J.] (ex Klein) 1792Synonym
cinctus Syngnathus cinctus Ramsay [E. P.] 1882Synonym
coccineus Syngnathus coccineus Herald [E. S.] 1940Synonym
compressus Syngnathus compressus Kaup [J. J.] (ex Kuhl & van Hasselt) 1856Synonym
conspicillatus Syngnathus conspicillatus Jenyns [L.] 1842Synonym
coquerelii Syngnathus coquerelii Duméril [A. H. A.] 1870Synonym
corrugatus Syngnathus corrugatus Weber [M.] 1913Synonym
crenulatus Syngnathus crenulatus Weber [M.] 1913Synonym
crinitus Syngnathus crinitus Jenyns [L.] 1842Synonym
cuncalus Syngnathus cuncalus Hamilton [F.] 1822Synonym
curtirostris Syngnathus curtirostris Castelnau [F. L.] 1872Synonym
cuvieri Syngnathus cuvieri Kaup [J. J.] 1856Synonym
cyanospilos Syngnathus cyanospilos Bleeker [P.] 1854Synonym
cyanospilus Syngnathus cyanospilus Bleeker [P.] 1854Synonym
dactyliophorus Syngnathus dactyliophorus Bleeker [P.] 1853Synonym
darrosanus Syngnathus darrosanus Dawson [C. E.] & Randall [J. E.] 1975Synonym
dawsoni Syngnathus dawsoni (Herald [E. S.] 1969)Valid
dekayi Syngnathus dekayi Duméril [A. H. A.] 1870Synonym
delalandi Syngnathus delalandi Kaup [J. J.] (ex Bribron) 1856Synonym
deocata Syngnathus deocata Hamilton [F.] 1822Synonym
deokhatoides Syngnathus deokhatoides Bleeker [P.] 1854Synonym
dimidiatus Syngnathus dimidiatus Gill [T. N.] 1862Synonym
djarong Syngnathus djarong Bleeker [P.] 1853Synonym
djarong luzonica Syngnathus djarong luzonica Aurich [H.] 1935Synonym
dumerilii Syngnathus dumerilii Duméril [A. H. A.] (ex Moreau) 1870Synonym
dunckeri Syngnathus dunckeri Metzelaar [J.] 1919Synonym
ethon Syngnathus ethon Risso [A.] 1827Synonym
ethon aeolicus Syngnathus ethon aeolicus Di Caporiacco [L.] 1948Synonym
euchrous Syngnathus euchrous Fritzsche [R. A.] 1980Valid
euchrous ollotropis Syngnathus euchrous ollotropis Fritzsche [R. A.] 1980Synonym
exile Syngnathus exile (Osburn [R. C.] & Nichols [J. T.] 1916)Synonym
exilis Syngnathus exilis (Osburn [R. C.] & Nichols [J. T.] 1916)Valid
fasciatus Syngnathus fasciatus Risso [A.] 1810Synonym
fasciatus Syngnathus fasciatus Gray [J. E.] 1830Synonym
fasciatus Syngnathus fasciatus DeKay [J. E.] 1842Synonym
fasciolatus Syngnathus fasciolatus Duméril [A. H. A.] 1870Synonym
ferrugineus Syngnathus ferrugineus Michahelles [C. W.] 1829Synonym
flavescens Syngnathus flavescens Kaup [J. J.] 1856Synonym
flavirostris Syngnathus flavirostris Poey [F.] 1876Synonym
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