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Triplophysa longibarbatus
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Triplophysa longibarbatus

(Chen, Yang, Sket & Aljancic 1998)

Triplophysa longibarbatus was originally described as Paracobitis longibarbatus by Chen, Yang, Sket & Aljancic in 1998. It belongs to the family Nemacheilidae. It is found in Fresh water.
Species   longibarbatus
AuthorWI   Chen [Y.-R.], Yang [J.-X.], Sket [B.] & Aljancic [G.]
AuthorNI   Chen, Yang, Sket & Aljancic
Qualification   ---
Year   1998
Status   Synonym
Osteichthyes Osteichthyes
Cypriniformes Cypriniformes
Family   Nemacheilidae
--- ---
Genus   Triplophysa
Subgenus   ---

Class   Osteichthyes
Order   Cypriniformes
Family   Nemacheilidae
Genus   Triplophysa
Original Name   Paracobitis        
Taxon Name   longibarbatus
Original Combination   Paracobitis longibarbatus
Original Genus  
Original Genus Species   Paracobitis longibarbatus
OriginalSubGenus   Paracobitis
Original Author   Chen, Yang, Sket & Aljancic
Original AuthorWI   Chen [Y.-R.], Yang [J.-X.], Sket [B.] & Aljancic [G.]
Original Qualification   ---
Original Year   1998
Original Family  
Original SubFamily   ---
Original Level   species
Type Locality   In a cave, 13 kilometers northeast of Libo, about 25°15'N, 108°00'E, Libo County, Guizhou, China, elevation about 500 meters.
Types   Paratypes: KIZ 953003 (2).
Type Catalogue   Type catalog: Du et al. 2013:351 [ref. 32939].
Primary Code   Holotype
Primary Type   KIZ 953001[1995000636]
Journal   Zool. Res.
Citation   v. 19 (no. 1)
Page   59 [English p. 62]
Illustrations   Fig. 1

SubSpecies AuthorWI ---
Qualification SS ---

Current Subspecies AuthorWI ---

Current Genus Species Triplophysa longibarbata
Current Species longibarbata
Current Genus Triplophysa
Current AuthorWI Chen [Y.-R.], Yang [J.-X.], Sket [B.] & Aljancic [G.]
Current AuthorNI Chen, Yang, Sket & Aljancic
Current Year 1998
Current Family Nemacheilidae
Current Subfamily
--- ---

Habitat Freshwater.        
Water Fresh water
Habitat Notes Needs better reference.

Current Summary   Synonym of Oreonectes longibarbatus  (Chen, Yang, Sket & Aljancic 1998). Nemacheilidae.
Name History   •Valid as Paracobitis longibarbatus Chen, Yang, Sket & Aljancic 1998 -- (Romero & Paulson 2001:21 [ref. 26040], Proudlove 2006:104 [ref. 28992], Ran et al. 2006:82 [ref. 28951], Li et al. 2006:1 [ref. 29056]). •Mention -- (Hu & Zhang 2010:56 [ref. 30780]). •Valid as Triplophysa longibarbata (Chen, Yang, Sket & Aljancic 1998) -- (Du et al. 2008:33 [ref. 29544], Zheng 2009:[5] [ref. 30217], Romero et al. 2009 [ref. 30522] as longibarbatus, Zhao et al. 2011:1552 [ref. 31493] as longibarbatus, Yang et al. 2011:569 [ref. 31447] as longoibarbatus, Yang et al. 2012:170 [ref. 31483] as longibarbatus, Zheng et al. 2012:835 [ref. 31820], Lin et al. 2012:645 [ref. 32193], Wu et al. 2012:879 [ref. 32311] as longibarbatus, Kottelat 2012:127 [ref. 32367], Ma & Zhao 2012:111 [ref. 34891] as longibarbatus, Yang in Lan et al. 2013:256 [ref. 32910] once as longibarbatus, Zhang et al. 2016:139 [ref. 34477], Liu et al. 2017:844 [ref. 35125], Wu et al. 2018:74 [ref. 35850], Li et al. 2018:62 [ref. 36072] as longibarbatus, Wu et al. 2018:93 [ref. 35971], Huang et al. 2019:334 [ref. 36689] as longibarbatus). •Valid as Oreonectes longibarbatus (Chen, Yang, Sket & Aljancic 1998) -- (Zhou 2019:2 [ref. 36911]).

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afghana Triplophysa afghana (Hora [S. L.] 1935)Uncertain
alexandrae Triplophysa alexandrae Prokofiev [A. M.] 2001Valid
aliensis Triplophysa aliensis (Wu [Y.-F.] & Zhu [S.-Q.] 1979)Valid
alticeps Triplophysa alticeps (Herzenstein [S. M.] 1888)Valid
altipinnis Triplophysa altipinnis Prokofiev [A. M.] 2003Valid
aluensis Triplophysa aluensis Li [Z.-X.] & Zhu [Z.-G.] 2000Valid
angeli Triplophysa angeli (Fang [P.-W.] 1941)Valid
anshuiensis Triplophysa anshuiensis Wu [T.-J.], Wei [M.-L.], Lan [J.-H.] & Du [L.-N.] 2018Valid
anterodorsalis Triplophysa (Triplophysa) anterodorsalis Zhu [S.-Q.] & Cao [W.-X.] in Zhu 1989Synonym
anterodorsalis Triplophysa anterodorsalis Zhu [S.-Q.] & Cao [W.-X.] in Zhu 1989Valid
aquaecaeruleae Triplophysa aquaecaeruleae Prokofiev [A. M.] 2001Valid
arnoldii Triplophysa arnoldii Prokofiev [A. M.] 2006Valid
baotianensis Triplophysa baotianensis Li [C.-Q.], Li [R.], Liu [T.] & Li [W.-X.] 2018Valid
bashanensis Triplophysa bashanensis Xu [T.-Q.] & Wang [K.-F.] 2009Valid
bellibarus Triplophysa bellibarus (Tchang [T.-L.], Yueh [T.-H.] & Hwang [H.-C.] 1963)Valid
bleekeri Triplophysa bleekeri (Sauvage [H.-E.] & Dabry de Thiersant [P.] 1874)Valid
bombifrons Triplophysa bombifrons (Herzenstein [S. M.] 1888)Valid
brachyptera Triplophysa brachyptera (Herzenstein [S. M.] 1888)Valid
brahui Triplophysa brahui (Zugmayer [E.] 1912)Valid
brevibarba Triplophysa brevibarba Ding [R.-H.] 1993Valid
brevibarbus Triplophysa brevibarbus Prokofiev [A. M.] 2010Synonym
brevicauda Triplophysa brevicauda (Herzenstein [S. M.] 1888)Valid
cakaensis Triplophysa cakaensis Cao [W.-X.] & Zhu [S.-Q.] 1988Valid
chandagaitensis Triplophysa chandagaitensis Prokofiev [A. M.] 2002Valid
chandagaitensis chandagaitensis Triplophysa chandagaitensis chandagaitensis Prokofiev [A. M.] 2002Synonym
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