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Elops affinis
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Elops affinis


Elops affinis was originally described as Elops affinis by Regan in 1909. It belongs to the family Elopidae. It is commonly known as Pacific ladyfish but has many other common names such as machete in USA (contiguous states), Veitsihopeakala in Finland, Guinée-machète du Pacifique in France, Chiro in Galapagos Islands, Malacho in Nicaragua, Macabi in Nicaragua. more common names It is found in Brackish and Salt water.
Species   affinis
AuthorWI   Regan [C. T.]
AuthorNI   Regan
Qualification   ---
Year   1909
Status   Valid
Osteichthyes Osteichthyes
Elopiformes Elopiformes
Family   Elopidae
--- ---
Genus   Elops
Subgenus   ---

Class   Osteichthyes
Order   Elopiformes
Family   Elopidae
Genus   Elops
Original Name   Elops        
Taxon Name   affinis
Original Combination   Elops affinis
Original Genus  
Original Genus Species   Elops affinis
OriginalSubGenus   Elops
Original Author   Regan
Original AuthorWI   Regan [C. T.]
Original Qualification   ---
Original Year   1909
Original Family  
Original SubFamily   ---
Original Level   species
Type Locality   Mazatlán and Jalisco, (Pacific) Mexico.
Types   Syntypes: (2) ?BMNH 1895.5.27.313 [from Jordan] (1).
Primary Code   ---
Journal   Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (Ser. 8)
Citation   v. 3 (no. 13)
Page   38

SubSpecies AuthorWI ---
Qualification SS ---

Current Subspecies AuthorWI ---

Current Genus Species Elops affinis
Current Species   affinis
Current Genus Elops
Current AuthorWI Regan [C. T.]
Current AuthorNI   Regan
Current Year   1909
Current Family Elopidae
Current Subfamily
--- ---

Habitat brackish, marine.        
Water Brackish and Salt water
Habitat Notes Occurs in schools in shallow inshore areas. May penetrate lagoons and estuaries (Ref. 9297). Possibly spawns in the open sea and the transparent larvae migrate towards coastal areas (Ref. 9297). Also caught with encircling nets although it is not the object of direct fishing activities (Ref. 9297). Struggles vigorously when caught on hooks and lines (Ref. 9297). Of low commercial value due to its number of spines (Ref. 9297).
Depth Range From 0 to 8 meters.

Current Summary   Valid as Elops affinis  Regan 1909. Elopidae.
Name History   •Valid as Elops affinis Regan 1909 -- (Lee et al. 1980:55 [ref. 22416], Villa 1982:76 [ref. 36708], Eschmeyer & Herald 1983:62 [ref. 9277], Swift et al. 1993:130 [ref. 22379], Allen & Robertson 1994:41 [ref. 22193], Bussing & López S. 1994:36 [ref. 23101], Whitehead & Rodriguez-Sánchez in Fischer et al. 1995:1065 [ref. 22829], De La Cruz Agüero et al. 1997:126 [ref. 24545], McCosker 1998:809 [ref. 24025], Chirichigno F. & Vélez D. 1998:180 [ref. 24555], Castro-Aguirre et al. 1999:91 [ref. 24550], Lea & Rosenblatt 2000:119 [ref. 25206], Thomson et al. 2000:284 [ref. 25640], Nelson et al. 2004:59 [ref. 27807], Miller 2006:85 [ref. 28615], Minckley & Marsh 2009:71 [ref. 31114], McCosker & Rosenblatt 2010:188 [ref. 30957], Angulo et al. 2013:989 [ref. 33194], Page et al. 2013:59 [ref. 32708], Barriga S. 2014:104 [ref. 35745], Kells et al. 2016:88 [ref. 35888], Raz-Guzmán et al. 2018:344 [ref. 36407], Romero-Berny et al. 2018:88 [ref. 35859], González-Murcia et al. 2019:288 [ref. 36544]).

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albus Elops (Engraulis) albus Swainson [W.] 1839Synonym
albus Elops albus Swainson [W.] 1839Synonym
australis Elops australis Regan [C. T.] 1909Synonym
capensis Elops capensis Smith [A.] 1838-47Synonym
congicus Elops congicus Boulenger [G. A.] 1898Synonym
cundinga Elops cundinga (Hamilton [F.] 1822)Synonym
cyprinoides Elops cyprinoides (Broussonet [P. M. A.] 1782)Synonym
fuscus Elops fuscus Commerson [P.] in Cuvier & Valenciennes 1840Synonym
hawaiensis Elops hawaiensis Regan [C. T.] 1909Valid
indicus Elops indicus Swainson [W.] 1839Synonym
inermis Elops inermis Mitchill [S. L.] 1814Synonym
javanicus Elops javanicus Valenciennes [A.] (ex Kuhl & van Hasselt) in Cuvier & Valenciennes 1847Synonym
javanicus Elops javanicus Kuhl [H.] & van Hasselt [J. C.] in Bleeker 1851Synonym
lacerta Elops lacerta Valenciennes [A.] in Cuvier & Valenciennes 1847Valid
machnata Elops machnata (Fabricius [J. C.] in Niebuhr (ex Forsskål) 1775)Valid
megalura Elops (Setipinna) megalura Swainson [W.] 1839Synonym
megalura Elops megalura Swainson [W.] 1839Synonym
purpurascens Elops purpurascens Richardson [J.] 1846Synonym
rubro Elops rubro Commerson [P.] in Lacepède 1801In family
saurus Elops saurus Linnaeus [C.] 1766Valid
senegalensis Elops senegalensis Regan [C. T.] 1909Valid
smithi Elops smithi McBride [R. S.], Rocha [C. R.], Ruiz-Carus [R.] & Bowen [B. W.] 2010Valid
truncata Elops (Setipinna) truncata Swainson [W.] 1839Synonym
truncata Elops truncata Swainson [W.] 1839Synonym
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