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Salvelinus alpinus
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Salvelinus alpinus

(Linnaeus 1758)

Salvelinus alpinus was originally described as Salmo alpinus by Linnaeus in 1758. It belongs to the family Salmonidae and subfamily Salmoninae. It is commonly known as Charr but has many other common names such as Arctic char in USA (contiguous states), Iwana in Japan, Arctic Char in South Africa, Akalukpik in Alaska, Seesaibling in Austria. more common names It is found in Fresh, Brackish and Salt water.
Species   alpinus
AuthorWI   Linnaeus [C.]
AuthorNI   Linnaeus
Qualification   ---
Year   1758
Status   Valid
Osteichthyes Osteichthyes
Salmoniformes Salmoniformes
Family   Salmonidae
Salmoninae Salmoninae
Genus   Salvelinus
Subgenus   ---

Class   Osteichthyes
Order   Salmoniformes
Family   Salmonidae
Subfamily   Salmoninae
Genus   Salvelinus
Original Name   Salmo        
Taxon Name   alpinus
Original Combination   Salmo alpinus
Original Genus  
Original Genus Species   Salmo alpinus
OriginalSubGenus   Salmo
Original Author   Linnaeus
Original AuthorWI   Linnaeus [C.]
Original Qualification   ---
Original Year   1758
Original Family  
Original SubFamily   Salmoninae
Original Level   species
Type Locality   "Lapponiae, Angliae alpibus, folus".
Primary Code   ---
Primary Type   No types known
Page   309

SubSpecies AuthorWI ---
Qualification SS ---

Current Subspecies AuthorWI ---

Current Genus Species Salvelinus alpinus
Current Species   alpinus
Current Genus Salvelinus
Current AuthorWI Linnaeus [C.]
Current AuthorNI   Linnaeus
Current Year   1758
Current Family Salmonidae
Current Subfamily
Salmoninae Salmoninae

Habitat freshwater, brackish, marine.        
Water Fresh, Brackish and Salt water
Depth Range From 30 to 70 meters.

Current Summary   Valid as Salvelinus alpinus  (Linnaeus 1758). Salmonidae: Salmoninae.
Name History   •Valid as Salvelinus alpinus (Linnaeus 1758) -- (Berg 1948:267 [ref. 12882], Svetovidov 1973:147 [ref. 7169], Lee et al. 1980:111 [ref. 22416], Svetovidov in Whitehead et al. 1984:383 [ref. 13675], Robins & Ray 1986:77 [ref. 23100], Lelek 1987:122 [ref. 22962], Scott & Scott 1988:137 [ref. 25518], McAllister 1990:85 [ref. 14674], Lloris & Rucabado 1991:53 [ref. 22530], Page & Burr 1991:49 [ref. 18983], Stearley & Smith 1993:21 [ref. 26683], López et al. 1996:16 [ref. 23681], Chereshnev 1996:604 [ref. 24659], Reshetnikov et al. 1997:729 [ref. 24702], Kottelat 1997:152 [ref. 22952], Dorofeeva & Savvaitova 1998:37 [ref. 23574], Scott & Crossman 1998:201 [ref. 24570], Alexeev & Pichugin 1998:328 [ref. 24677], Fuller et al. 1999:260 [ref. 25838], Bogutskaya et al. 2001:46 [ref. 26178], Chereshnev et al. 2001:94 [ref. 26736], Mecklenburg et al. 2002:199 [ref. 25968], Hanel 2003:58 [ref. 27894], Nelson et al. 2004:86 [ref. 27807], Bogutskaya & Naseka 2004:159 [ref. 28183], Duhamel et al. 2005:114 [ref. 32059], Scharpf 2006:33 [ref. 30386] with subspecies, Kottelat & Freyhof 2007:433 [ref. 29996], Oleinik & Skurichina 2007:911 [ref. 31791], Møller et al. 2010:27 [ref. 31169], Page & Burr 2011:396 [ref. 31215] with 3 subspecies, Page et al. 2013:87 [ref. 32708], Dolgov 2013:916 [ref. 33112], Parin et al. 2014:139 [ref. 33547], Oleinik et al. 2015:Eng. 62 [ref. 33831] as S. alpinus alpinus, Afonso et al. 2016:23, 270 [ref. 36199], Çiçek et al. 2015:150 [ref. 35151], Ćaleta et al. 2019:180 [ref. 37026]).

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adirondacus Salvelinus adirondacus (Norris [T.] 1864)Synonym
agassizi Salvelinus agassizi (Garman [S.] 1885)Synonym
agassizii Salvelinus agassizii (Garman [S.] 1885)Valid
albus Salvelinus albus Glubokovsky [M. K.] 1977Valid
alpinostagnalis Salvelinus alpinostagnalis (Smitt [F. A.] 1886)Synonym
alpinus alpinus Salvelinus alpinus alpinus (Linnaeus [C.] 1758)Synonym
alpinus erythrinus Salvelinus alpinus erythrinus Georgi [J. G.] 1775Synonym
alpinus faroensis Salvelinus alpinus faroensis Joensen [J. S.] & Tåning [A. V.] 1970Synonym
alpinus malma Salvelinus alpinus malma Walbaum [J. J.] 1792Synonym
alpinus orientalis Salvelinus alpinus orientalis Kirillov [F. N.] 1972Synonym
alpinus youngeri Salvelinus alpinus youngeri Friend [G. F.] 1956Synonym
amethystus Salvelinus amethystus (Mitchill [S. L.] 1818)Synonym
anaktuvukensis Salvelinus anaktuvukensis Morrow [J. E., Jr.] 1973Synonym
andriashevi Salvelinus andriashevi Berg [L. S.] 1948Valid
angustus Salvelinus angustus Stauffer [J. R., Jr.] 2020Valid
ascanii Salvelinus ascanii (Valenciennes [A.] in Cuvier & Valenciennes 1848)Synonym
aureolus Salvelinus aureolus Bean [T. H.] 1887Synonym
autumnalis Salvelinus autumnalis Frost [W. E.] 1966Synonym
bairdii Salvelinus bairdii (Suckley [G.] 1861)Synonym
boganidae Salvelinus boganidae Berg [L. S.] 1926Valid
callaris Salvelinus callaris (Pallas [P. S.] 1814)Synonym
cambricus Salvelinus cambricus (Günther [A.] 1862)Synonym
carbonarius Salvelinus carbonarius (Strøm [H.] 1784)Synonym
carneus Salvelinus carneus (Fitzinger [L. J. F. J.] 1832)Synonym
colii Salvelinus colii (Günther [A.] 1863)Valid
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